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Sic Willie

Will At Desk

Easy ladies … that disarmingly attractive and diabolically brilliant man pictured above is none other than Will Folks, the founding editor of FITSNews.com and president of Viewpolitik, LLC, a South Carolina-based political consulting, public relations and graphic design firm. He is also Commissioner of the Great Santini Fantasy Baseball League and a sensational dancer, despite completely unfounded rumors that he thrusts too much and doesn’t have enough “side to side.”

Folks was a bass guitarist for the modestly successful alternative rock band Dead Agent Caper prior to assuming media relations, graphic design and copywriting duties for the gubernatorial campaign of former U.S. Congressman Mark Sanford.

Somehow (we’re not sure how, exactly), Sanford was elected the 115th post-Colonial governor of South Carolina and took office in January of 2003 after winning a brutal seven-way GOP primary and defeating incumbent Democratic governor Jim Hodges.

Folks was Gov. Sanford’s spokesman from October 2001 to August 2005 (well, minus a six week period surrounding the 2003 inauguration when the governor-elect decided to act like a total cheapskate and Folks decided to move to Charleston with then-TV anchor girlfriend Meredith Land).

Anyway, after leaving the Governor’s Office for good in 2005, Folks has assisted on numerous campaigns including County Council races, State House races, local bond referendums and statewide campaigns, including the victorious 2006 campaign of State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel.

Whether at the state or local level, no political campaign in which Folks has been responsible for managing the message has ever lost.

Folks’ antics along the way, however, have been the subject of much discussion and controversy – even prior to his career with FITSNews.

He once jokingly told a female reporter to “talk to the Commission on Women” when asked why he was handing out baseball cards to little boys and gubernatorial pens to little girls who visited the South Carolina State House. Days earlier, his boss had vetoed funding for the Commission. No one is quite sure which move was stupider.

Folks landed in hot water again in 2004 when he borrowed a cherry red Corvette convertible from a local car dealer with ties to the governor’s administration and used it to joyride around the state for a week – a single event which Associated Press reporter Jim Davenport managed to milk into four wire stories (we still love ya, JD). He is also alleged to have threatened economic development in Anderson County, South Carolina, even though he claims to have merely told a Chamber of Commerce representative there to go screw himself.

But what can you do, people tend to believe what they read in the papers.

Speaking of which, the most controversial and highly-publicized incident involving Folks was by far his September 2005 guilty plea on a first offense criminal domestic violence charge. This issue is brought up most often by political opponents who are unable to match Folks’ rhetorical skills and need something to say that they think will shut him up. It hasn’t worked.

Folks graduated from the University of South Carolina (USC) in 1997 with a B.A. in History and Philosophy and received his Master’s degree in Mass Communication from USC two years later.

Will Folks lives in Columbia, S.C., where he enjoys losing in chess, singing in the shower, consuming multiple blended Venti Moccha Frappucinos (with extra chocolate drizzle), watching DVD’s and contemplating getting a pink mohawk, because at some point it really will be time for him to start acting like a grown-up.



1. alexa monte - February 5, 2007

hey will,

the piece you wrote about my dad is absolutely amazing…i didn’t realize how often the both of you corresponded. i’m happy to know that he was able to influence your life in such a positive way.


2. Earl - February 7, 2007

Will, you really should give the mohawk a try. I had one in high school. I thought it was cool.

But everyone thinks I’m really wierd like that.

3. missing k.. - March 12, 2007

Did you let D.C. know you were there? Hope so…. would not expect anything less…

4. David Windham - March 17, 2007


5. Veronica Corningstone - April 16, 2007

Sensational dancer. Check. Olive Garden. Check. Friend with numchuck “skillz…” priceless.

6. Alexis Davis - June 14, 2007

Alexa is a search engine not a name. We hate people named Alexa.

7. Jeanne - August 1, 2007

This is freakin awesome! I just “stumbled” upon this site and man-o-man is this hilarious. I, too, have a completely irreverent view of life in general and your site fits the bill nicely. Thank You. Keep it up.

8. wetcnt - November 8, 2007

How long has it been since you beat a woman Will?

9. dv - November 8, 2007

Did his graphic design firm design this website? Typical SC quality, 10 years behind the rest of the country. I should know, I grew up there.

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