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Talk to us, people.

We want to hear from you, and besides, you’ll feel better getting it off your chest.

Here’s the deal with us. The new and improved FITSNews.com is coming out in the Spring of 2008. The site will feature breaking SC political news, commentary, parody and all sorts of new goodies including e-mail updates (the “FITS Daily Fix”), exclusive interviews, online polls, audio and video links, a special “Tipline” for submitting story ideas, a political calendar for promoting your events, a picture page to post your favorite candid shots from those events, and best of all – a page devoted exclusively to blasting Sic Willie and everything he stands for.

No kidding. We know our bread and butter.

The site will also offer a subsciption-based press and web briefing (the “FITS Daily Briefing”) that will organize and deliver all the day’s top political headlines directly to your inbox each morning … even on weekends.

To inquire about advertising, our new briefing service or any aspect of FITSNews.com, just shoot Sic Willie an e-mail over at his imaginary consulting firm.

It’s w@viewpolitik.com, in case you didn’t know.



1. Syd - February 4, 2007


2. John3 - February 12, 2007

Keep breathing that fresh air!

3. Joe Kress - May 4, 2007


Arnold Goodstein is married to a judge. His sister is not a judge. SC Rep. Annette Young, besides working for Arnold, has a son who works for Goodstein Enterprises at and receives a very high salary

4. Sleepless In Columbia - May 24, 2007

Keep up your great work. Sunshine is the best disenfectant, as they say.

5. GKP - May 25, 2007


Why the new “moderation” policy on posted comments? Is the site down, or are you really screening input before it goes up?


6. notalogfan - June 9, 2007

Check out this link about LOG.

7. mikejmu - June 21, 2007


We would like to do an interview with you about your blog for
http://www.BlogInterviewer.com . We’d like to give you the opportunity to
give us some insight on the “person behind the blog.”

It would just take a few minutes of your time. The interview form can
be submitted online at http://bloginterviewer.com/submit-an-interview

Best regards,

Mike Thomas

8. *jcg - June 25, 2007

love the new design, btw

9. Gal Leo - July 5, 2007

Please, please, please do something on the piece of drivel that Katon had in The State on how disappointed he is in the party…I would love to see him taken to task on “not sticking to our principles” right after he lobbied so hard for the public funding of the GOP presidential campaign.

10. csw - July 31, 2007

I’m a little unclear about the whole DeMint blocking the lobbying reform bill issue. The House Democrats seem to be criticizing him for wanting more disclosure. Is that right? Seems like a story on this would be good for us South Carolinians. Appreciate it.

11. Ginny - August 13, 2007

Interesting find today in the online version of The New Yorker:

Mayberry Man
Is what New York never liked about Rudy Giuliani exactly what the heartland loves?
by Peter J. Boyer


12. truthseeker - September 14, 2007


What do you think of the screform movement created to point out how the legislature is holding back Gov. Sanford from performing more fiscally conservative, free market,libertarian, deficit reducing, wonders in our State?

13. T - September 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Old Man. Make it a good one. 🙂

14. solorunner - September 27, 2007

Happy birthday. 33 is the new 23. Love that hat where’d youget it?

15. htrice - October 4, 2007

i love this website

16. winnsboro man - October 22, 2007

Dear Willie,
Love your website but as a resident of Fairfield county, you need to do a bit of research on the school bd & Ms. McDaniel. their test scores, graduation rate, progress is abominable. They have the highest per pupil spending rate in the state. Their teacher turnover is extremely high and they have gone through I believe, 8 Supts. in the past 9 years. Ms. McDaniel has been the only constant throughout this mess. She hired each of these Supts. and was the driving force behind forcing all of them out. She personally selected Ms. Ingram, travelling to Mobile to interview her personally. It would appear that she is now trying to force her out as well. I habve only lived here 5 years but stories on this issue are legendary on both sides of the fence, and in Faifield, like all other issues it is racially driven. Hope you will be able to follow up on the story!

17. gene - November 4, 2007

I would like to know the source of your data on Ceips’ business voting record. Is that published on a legislative site or on a business site? Tks, Gene

18. FITSNews - November 4, 2007


Sure thing, it’s located online at:


The ratings were compiled by the South Carolina Business & Industry Political Education Committee (BIPEC).


19. RBW - November 15, 2007

Is it true that Toal didn’t even bother going to the swearing in ceremony on Tuesday?

20. Ken - November 17, 2007

Is it better to hire a lawyer who passed the bar, or hire a lawyer who got past the supreme court?

21. Charlie Northcutt - November 19, 2007


I’m proud of you Bubba. I learned of your website at a luncheon today at which Glen McConnel was the speaker. He gave a brief overview of the recent supreme court liberal nominee and how political trade offs were the reason. I begged for some clarity on the issue and was told by an attendee to check out fitsnews. I did and lo and behold, clarity!! You can’t imagine the satisfaction in getting brevity and facts! Then again, you probably can because you are doing it. I look forward to signing up. Thanks, Charlie Northcutt

22. yeah, right - November 21, 2007

Beware little girls! I fear if the little girls between the ages of 4 and 6 sought by our state’s superintendent are too pretty and too “photogenic” that “Sic Willie” himself will begin searching for such pretty little girls! But his search will be one of a different sort – the sort that involves internet sites where members pay by the “download,” have user names like those in “Boogie Nights,” and cause red flags over at F.B.I. headquarters. Instead of finding a girl named “Hope,” he’ll be “hoping” to find little girls the only way he can likes to find any girls; that is, naked, half-naked, kissing each other, or teasing each other during a pillow fight, all the while, of course, in cyberspace, out of the reach of his small callused hands.
In an earlier post, Sic Willie smugly dismissed claims that his little site contains too much “T&A.” In fact, he said he didn’t even know what those initials stood for. Come now “sic” one, that’s only half true. You know what T&A means – we’ll cut you a break. Your understanding need not come from real women. After all, we know the naughty things you do to real woman. We also understand because of your domestic violence history that maybe your probation terms or maybe just plain fear and arrested adolescence cause you to steer clear of real women. But that’s why we’ll give you a break! We’re willing to grant an exception in your case, and count your limited knowledge of women as evidence that you know what “T&A” means. We’ll count your endless hours in the dark world of looking for “luv” in all the wrong places, looking for “luv” in too many faces. You know the world, the world of girls in cyberspace.
It only takes a glance at your little site to figure out that you spend most of your day on seedy internet sites that would disappoint your poor momma, make real women run to call the rape crisis center, and keep everyone, including the good Lord Himself, away from your computer and out of your underwear drawer!
Now, having said all this, I know you won’t fret about my post. I know you’ll even consider it a badge of honor. Why? Because there are, unfortunately for nice girls, so many guys like you out there. To say your type is a dime-a-dozen is a misrepresentation of a shortage. I’m even willing to predict what you’ll do after you read this post. I’ll bet you sign-in to one of your favorite Hugh Heffner or Larry Flynt websites, of which no doubt you’re a platinum member of several, and go to town on a couple of “barely legal” cyber sisters. The upside? Well, if not with American Express, at least you’ve achieved the benefits that come with Platinum membership somewhere!

23. typo - November 30, 2007

typo on your latest post: “non-political stuff we right about” write

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