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The Island Packet Gets It December 11, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.



FITSNews – December 11, 2007 – While it may not be as flashy as the 155-foot superyacht “Themis,” there’s just something about getting a good deal on a late 90’s model Island Packet that pleases our founding editor Sic Willie‘s already cheerful nature. Particularly when the 32-foot boat includes teak and holly floor and a brand spankin’ new mainsail. Anyway, as excited as the FITS gals are about Sic’s new MILF magnet sailboat, the Island Packet that’s giving us the most satisfaction today is actually a Lowcountry newspaper.

In a strongly-worded editorial published this morning, the Packet not only slammed the S.C. Supreme Court for its recent bar exam shenanigans, but popped the S.C. General Assembly as well for basically trying to control everything it touches …

If lawmakers move to set up independent oversight of the state Supreme Court, the justices have only themselves to blame. Their (mis)handling of the July bar exam results highlights how little recourse there is to challenge decisions by the state’s high court. South Carolina law doesn’t allow independent investigations of complaints against the court. House Speaker Bobby Harrell says it might be time to change that.

Small comfort that — more involvement in our court system by state lawmakers. Lawmakers already dominate the screening process for judicial candidates and then elect our judges from among the finalists, including Supreme Court justices. Vote trading among lawmakers is a long-time complaint. But if they could come up with a truly independent mechanism, then we would all be better served. We’re just not very optimistic because the legislature has a predilection to controlling everything.

Frankly we’re not very fecund optimistic, either, because let’s be honest here – there are cesspools and fecund swamps with more purity than our state’s fecund judicial and fecund legislative branches of government. It’s also pretty fecund obvious to us that putting the fecund legislature in charge of investigating the fecund judicial branch is a serious fecund mistake. It’s basically letting one bunch of fecund slimebags investigate another bunch of fecund slimebags. And that ain’t fecund right, people.



1. Fecund? - December 12, 2007

Sic, I had a great time playing with the definitions of fecund in the 11 ways you used that word in your last paragraph.
fecund – fe·cund (fknd, fk’nd)
1. Capable of producing offspring or vegetation; fruitful.
2. Marked by intellectual productivity. See Synonyms at fertile.
[Middle English, from Old French fecond, from Latin fecundus; see (i)- in Indo-European roots.]
Thank you for the morning fun run. And thank you for reporting on this story. It is a great editorial. Nobody who could heed its call will pay any attention to it, but just maybe…..

2. Anne - December 12, 2007


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