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Tom Brady Has A Potty Mouth December 10, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Sports.

tom brady potty


FITSNews – December 10, 2007 – It must be nice to cuss like a sailor on the football field and then show up like the “Fonz” in a black leather jacket for the post-game press conference, acting all sheepish and cute, talking about how you don’t want mommy to know you use bad words. But that’s exactly the kind of #$%ing $%# that mother#%&er Tom Brady pull. In fact, he did pull it yesterday in declining to discuss exactly what he said to Pittsburgh Steelers’ defensive back Anthony Smith, who royally pissed off Sir Studliness by guaranteeing that the Steelers would beat the 13-0 Patriots.

From this morning’s Boston Herald:

“I don’t care to repeat it, especially if my mother reads it,” said Brady in response to a question about his exact words to Smith. “She wouldn’t be very happy with what I said.”

Awwww … that’s so #%&ing cute, Tom. Of course Brady’s doe-eyed “who, me?” routine was far classier than that of his head coach Bill Beli”cheat,” who further rubbed Smith’s nose in it after the Patriots 34-13 win by saying that “we’ve played against a lot better safeties than him.”

Sure this Smith guy deserves it for being an idiot, but the Patsies would’ve done themselves a favor by simply allowing their total domination of the Steelers on Sunday to speak for itself.



1. sinktosee - December 10, 2007

what kind of jacket was he rockin?, that %*&@ was legit! I need one of those yo!
Brady Rocks! M Go Blue

2. caligula - December 10, 2007

patriots suck

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