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Huckles Is Winning? WTF? December 6, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

huckabee bass


FITSNews – December 6, 2007 – According to a new Rasmussen poll, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has taken the lead in South Carolina’s pivotal “First in the South” presidential primary. Again, we’re pretty sure this has something to do with it, but we’ve been wrong before.

Anyway, the new poll has Huckleberry at 25% in the Palmetto State, seven points ahead of former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson and former Massachusetts dolphin, er, governor Mitt Romney, both of whom are polling at 18%. Rudy Giuliani came in at 12%, followed by John McCain (9%) and Ron Paul (4%).

Not that anybody cares, but we were actually in the crowd at the 2003 concert in Charleston, West Virginia (the one at which the picture above was taken). At least we think we were, as that was kind of an “experimental” period in our lives. We don’t really like to talk about it too much, although we can confirm that there’s no hope in dope, people. None whatsoever. Oh, and crack is whack.

We’ve said all along that we like Huckles a lot, but we do have some legitimate questions as to his fiscal conservative credentials. Like if they exist, for example. Of course you gotta be impressed by his recent Chuck Norris ad and the fact he’s come out of nowhere to become the frontrunner in South Carolina with virtually no cash and nobody on his payroll. We’ll see how he holds up now that these guys have made him their No. 1 target.



1. Harden Gervais - December 6, 2007

I love how the guys at The Shot started totally shitting their pants a few days ago. It was like a bomb went off, what with every negative Huckabee story making it on there, not to mention a single-minded obsession with the Other Man from Hope.

To me, all the GOP candidates’ policies are fucked up, but at least Hucks is a nice guy – Romney is like the Stepford president and Giuliani, well, if he can go mental about ferrets, I shudder to think what he’d do with nuclear weapons.

2. Believe It Not - December 6, 2007


“…his fiscal conservative credentials.”

sic(k) willie, you’re such a “fiscal conservative” pimp!

3. Peggy McGilligan - December 7, 2007

I like Huckabee too. I don’t know about “these guys,” but I do know about those guys. Frankly, they’re the guys we have to beat: http://theseedsof9-11.com

4. Ron Turner - December 7, 2007

Will, your reference to Gov Huckabee as “Huckleberry” is disrespectful and uncalled for. The fact remains that I truly appreciate your blog. Your investigative reporting of insider politics in SC is quite good and appreciated.
Ron Turner
Summerville, SC 29483
PS: I’m NOT a Huckabee supporter

5. Ron Turner - December 7, 2007

I realize you’re trying to insert humor and have no ill intent. It’s OK.

6. Tim - December 7, 2007

No, Huck’s fiscal conservative credentials do not exist. He’s like a used car salesman—interesting until you realize he’s monitoring your online bank account. Fiscally worse than Gov. Clinton, they say. And other than saying the Bible is a perfect literal word-for-word historical narrative, what else is conservative (as if that even counts)? Not on immigration. Not on education; his stance is “Do it for the children. Not just conception to birth, but conception to the grave.”

7. pokey - December 7, 2007

hey, ron, we’re in the middle of confirming reports you are a kucinich supporter.

just kidding … spend more time enjoying the view here and stop taking this site so seriously, ok?

8. D. Jenkins - December 7, 2007

FITSNews –

I have only been reading this blog for a few months and this is the first complaint I have. You have made it abundently clear that you dislike Romney and apparently seem to favor Huckabee. As I see it, all of the current rep. candidates have flaws, strengths and weakenesses. It is certainly within your discretion to endorse or oppose a primary candidate, but it doesn’t help you reach a wider audience. I am sure that the readers of this blog vary widely on their choice for candidates. In my personal opinion you should stay above the fray on this one or at least attempt to be more objective.

9. FITSNews - December 7, 2007

Mr. Jenkins,

We appreciate your comments. Thanks for submitting them …

We don’t really “favor Huckabee” because as we said, we’ve got some real concerns about his record on fiscal issues. And as for the notion that we “dislike Romney,” that’s not true either. We literally can’t stand him, and frankly we think he’s the fakest human being on the entire planet.

Having said all that, unlike other blogs here in South Carolina, we’re not in anybody’s “presidential pocket,” which has helped us tremendously in terms of legitimacy as well as facilitating our steady rise in traffic.

As an opinion site, people know we dislike certain candidates (and like certain other candidates), but they also know that nobody is immune from feeling the poison of our pens when they screw up, just as nobody is ever totally out of bounds for receiving praise when they get something right.

Again, though, thanks for taking the time to read and react. Your suggestions are good and your perspective is appreciated.


10. D. Jenkins - December 7, 2007

As if it were not clear from my earlier post, I am currently favoring Romney in the primaries. I agree that he seems “fake” not only on certain policy issues but also in appearance. However, I think that all presidential candidates are “fake” in some regard as they are attempting to win the support of the majority of a country made up of individuals with differing opinions and perspectives. If everyone “keeps it real” then we would have a bunch of Ron Pauls running for office, which may not be a bad thing but makes me a little uncomfortable. Furthermore, Dave Chappell has illustrated quite well the dangers of “keeping it real”. Once in a blue moon you get a Ronald Reagan who can really shake things up, but this time around it looks like we (as in fellow reps) will have to settle for something less.

Thus, in 2008 I at least want a candidate whom I believe is of good character and sound judgment. Huckabee is a close second in my mind but something is still lacking. He appears to be a bit weak on experience and conviction and just doesn’t feel “presidential”. He would make a hell of a vice pres though. Giuliani seems too sleazy and is frankly a little too much of a nor’easter for my taste. Unless a dark horse appears from the fog, I don’t know what else is out there. Anyways, that’s my two cents. Thanks again for the great work and stay on top of the Supremes.

11. Deb O'Nare - December 7, 2007

‘If everyone “keeps it real” then we would have a bunch of Ron Pauls running for office’

What a horrific fate! Could there be anything worse than straight forward, message driven candidates running for office?

12. Harden Gervais - December 7, 2007

@ 11

Yeah, there’s guys out there like that, but they’re not polling over 10 percent (see: Richardson, Biden, Kucinich, Paul). The American people have spoken, and they want more bullshit, not less. Otherwise, how can you explain Clinton and Romney’s poll numbers?

13. Deb O'Nare - December 7, 2007

@ 12


14. Mike's America - December 10, 2007

D. Jenkins: At some point we all have to come off the fence and compare and contrast how we view the candidates before we make a choice.

There are perfectly fair questions which need to be asked of all of them. None of them are perfect.

If the Fits folks want to toss a bit of humor, perhaps even snarky humor, into how they evaluate the candidates they should.

Of course, I’m not known for being “Mr. Nice Guy” myself, so I’m not about to go pointing fingers at others anyway.

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