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Somebody’s Gonna Be Angry December 4, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

annualization annie


FITSNews – December 4, 2007 – If you happen to be a bottle of Scotch currently residing anywhere within a fifty-mile radius of State Rep. Annette Young, this might be a good time to run for your life.

That’s because Young’s hand-picked Supreme Court nominee, Diane Goodstein, failed to make it out of today’s Judicial Merit Selection Committee screening process – a shock to Palmetto political observers (including us) and a huge defeat for Young, who had previously guaranteed her colleagues that Goodstein would emerge from the crowded field of would-be Supremes.

Young also personally delivered several campaign checks to state legislators from a company owned by Goodstein’s husband, former State Rep. Arnold Goodstein.

Obviously, one component of the alleged Beattygate conspiracy has now unraveled, and while we weren’t at today’s meeting (we had an important X-Box 360 date with the Philadelphia Eagles) our bet is that the committee members didn’t want to take the heat associated with fulfilling this particular end of the bargain. Or it could have been that Judge Goodstein simply wasn’t one of most qualified candidates.

Yet even though Young’s end of the alleged deal has now completely fallen through, we’ll have to stay tuned to see whether or not the Legislative Black Caucus makes good on its part of the widely-rumored arrangement – namely supporting Rep. Harry Cato in his bid for Speaker of the House.



1. Lawyer - December 4, 2007

Thanks FITS News for the update and for bringing these conflicts of interest to light.

2. Believe It Not - December 4, 2007

And, from what we’ve heard – that railroad tie may be heading your way sooner that you think. Get lube, sic(k) willie. You may need it soon.

3. Pete - December 5, 2007

Thanks, Sic Willie. The only question the panel/commission should have asked the six candidates was, “Do you have the strength to stand up to Queen Jean?”

4. Another SC lawyer - December 5, 2007

This will be a non-issue as soon as Goodstein gets her law clerk (Kendall Burch) to make a few calls on her behalf.

5. Regina - December 5, 2007

Well, they had to pick just three.

They didn’t actually find Goodstein was unqualified (which, of course, she is), they just voted for Hearn, Kittredge, and John Few (who’s all of 44) instead. So Goodstein got passed over but not exactly rejected.

Hearn was a shoe-in since she’s been “leading” the COA. The other two have connections in the upper part of the state, I think.

I’m think all it means is the upstate pigs beat the lowcountry pigs.

6. Love Dorchester - December 5, 2007

Headlines should read, “Heyward Hutson Wins AGAIN, Diane Goodstein Loses AGAIN”!!! It doesn’t get any better than Dorchester County Politics these days.

7. Pete - December 5, 2007

This is huge, gang. If Hearn wins, Toal wins. She’s a known Toal lady in waiting. Another Costa.

8. What? - December 6, 2007

There has been no judge in history that has dissented more to Toal opinions than Costa. If he were a Toal puppet he certainly is having a hard time showing it.

9. Fact or Fiction? - December 6, 2007

Rumor has it that Rep. Annette Young, dist. 98, will not seek re-election. Rumor has it that the “Cowardly Lioness” is going to finish up her State career in a cushy state job to lock in her retirement. Rumor has it that she won’t run again because the New Kids on the Block, are waiting to clean her clock at the Ballot Box!

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