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Sic’s Choice Is Baby Spice December 4, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.

baby spice


FITSNews – December 4, 2007 – It’s been eight years since rapper Eminem first posed his famous philosophical hypothetical about “which Spice Girl he’d like to impregnate,” and ever since some of the greatest minds in all of Western Civilization have sought to unlock the interrogative’s profound metaphysical mysteries. Our own Sic Willie, for example, has devoted several years of his life to studying the question.

Since opportunities for legitimate edification don’t come along all that often in today’s crass, materialistic society (and since our previous research has determined that Sic’s taste in women is a little off), we’d like to throw the “Eminem imperative” out there for some additional discussion in the hopes of gaining a better assessment of its cultural significance.

So … which Spice Girl would you like to impregnate?



1. Snead - December 5, 2007

Do any of them have Spice Money left? I’d pick that one and try to go the K-Fed route. I wouldn’t mind trying to bend Mel like Beckham either.

2. Dave VanHinkel - December 5, 2007

Lucy Pinder? Shit, she’s a Brit, not a Spice Girl.

Um… if she was she’d be… the hot one Spice.

Yeaaaa for boobies!

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