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A Different Approach December 3, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in US Politics.



FITSNews – December 3, 2007 – We were blog-surfing the other day and happened to stumble upon this story on The Palmetto Scoop, which to our surprise had nothing to do with how cool John McCain is.

Touting a collaboration of the SC Alzheimers Association and the National Health Council (in conjunction with the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease), the Scoop‘s article was all about a press event last week that focused on – gasp! – real people. As in non-famous, non-political people who don’t have agendas to push or public images to cultivate.

People like leukemia survivor B.J. Welborn, or Richard Outz, whose father suffered from Lou Gehrig’s disease. Or frankly anybody who’s personally affected or knows somebody who’s personally affected by any one of the terrible diseases that make our state so unhealthy. Which is like, all of us. Even people like Sic Willie, whose mother is a heart attack survivor (and, um, frequently vocal FITSNews critic).

Anyway, we’d like to send out a well-deserved hat-tip not only to the Scoop but to each one of the individuals and organizations associated with this event. It’s a rare day when real people telling real stories (about issues that really matter) get even a drop of ink in an early primary state, but these are stories that need to be told … and costly lessons that need to be learned.



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