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What’s So Hard About This? December 2, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Sports.

cf playoff


FITSNews – December 2, 2007 – So the eight teams pictured above wouldn’t necessarily make a hypothetical college football playoff this year (that graphic is two years old, people), but the fact that we’re once again selecting a national championship game based on human biases and computer logarithms means that eight worthy programs are being denied their right to settle things the only place they should be settled – on the football field.

Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Virginia Tech, West Virginia and Oklahoma each can claim as much right to play for the national title this year as championship game participants Ohio State and LSU, but because of the ridiculousness that is the Bowl Championship Series (BCS), all six programs got the cold shoulder. Ditto Missouri, which deserves its shot at a national championship every bit as much as the two teams the computer spit out this evening, yet ended up shut out of the BCS bowl picture entirely.

Call it the Bullsh*t College System, people.

We’ve got no problem with a computer spitting out the top eight teams in the country for a college football playoff, but this year is yet another example of the sheer lunacy of expecting a non-playoff system to ever produce a true national championship game. Usually it’s only one deserving team that gets left out in the cold, but this year there are at least seven of them. Pick the top eight teams and play ’em off. That’s what the players want, what the sport needs and what the fans deserve.



1. gamecocks_suck - December 3, 2007

What bowl are the Gamecocks going to? I couldn’t find it on any website, and they didn’t say on the long and boring ESPN bowl show last night.

I am just asking

2. FITSNews - December 3, 2007

Finally, a commenter actually wounds us. For real.

Creative and very hurtful, so kudos to you, good sir.


3. Cross - December 3, 2007

i could not agree more. the BCS is a total joke! There is a two loss team playing for a national title, and a three loss team in a BCS bowl. The system does not work, 1-AA got it right with the play off system. A playoff system would mean more games and who does not want to watch more football? Not that I think Hawaii deserves a National Title shot, but they are the only undefeated team in the country, what more can you ask of a team but to win all of there games.

Down with the BCS!!

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