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Take That, Braguars December 2, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Sports.

colts faguars


FITSNews – December 2, 2007 – Aside from our obvious hatred of the pretty boy Patriots, no team in the National Football League gets our collective panties in a wad more than the Jacksonville Braguars. Of course unlike the Patriots, who are pretty damn good, the Braguars have no reason to be as arrogant as they always are. Unless finishing second in the AFC South the last four years in a row to the defending Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts is something to be cocky about.

Actually, better make it five years in a row after today’s 28-25 Indianapolis victory over the Brags all but guaranteed a fifth straight division title for the Horsies.

Sure, we’re probably not going to make the Super Bowl again this year given New England’s dominance, but it’s always nice to put these cocky wanna-bes (and their ‘roid rage coach) in their proper place. Which, again, is second place.

It was also nice for Sic Willie to finally collect last Friday afternoon on a lunch owed him from last year’s Super Bowl by an avid Chicago Bears‘ fan. Thanks for the five plates of Orange Chicken and Broccoli, J-Dub! Mmmmm-mmmm scrumptious.



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