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Playboy’s Photographers Are Talented November 29, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.



FITSNews – November 29, 2007 – We’ve never heard of Charisma Carpenter before, so the news that she’s single all of a sudden does absolutely nothing for us. The news that she got naked three years ago, on the other hand, give us a wonderful opportunity to showcase the remarkable layering skill of Playboy‘s photographers.

Note how the image above effortlessly shifts from hardwood floor to exotic rug to supple flesh to environmentally-conscious greenery to urban cityscape to mountain range to open sky – all in one picture. City Mouse and Country Mouse are in agreement: This picture’s got something for everybody! Which is exactly the kind of artsy-fartsy thing that the asexuals who photograph naked women for a living are probably fretting over when they’re making sure Charisma’s butt crack is aligned with the proper building in the background.

Wait, there’s a naked girl there? We didn’t even see her. They could have put a reclining sea lion in this picture and we’d still be too distracted by daydreams of hugging a tree, mountain-climbing or reflooring our kitchen.

Of course, Sic Willie noticed Charisma fairly quickly, and has been trying to “rub the black box off” of his computer screen for the last four hours.



1. Snagglepuss - November 30, 2007

Hey, can I borrow your black square for a second? I need to fix my chessboard

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