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S.C. Flags Made In … Georgia? WTF? November 28, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

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FITSNews – November 28, 2007 – After signing up like the rest of the unwashed masses and patiently waiting five hundred eighty kabillion years to get to the top of the list, the FITS gals were finally presented with our official S.C. State Flag yesterday – you know, one of those state flags that supposedly flew over the Capitol building.

Of course, we know the exact location in the S.C. State House where these flags are flown from (and it ain’t the top of the dome, people), but what really chapped our remarkably-firm asses was something else. Believe it or not, the official flags of the State of South Carolina don’t even come from South Carolina … they’re made in Georgia, people.

As anti-Georgites we were obviously quite miffed to learn this, but after listening to a little Bruce Springsteen and settling down over some foot massages and peppermint mochas, we started digging around a bit. And what we uncovered is that there are several South Carolina-based flag companies – all of which use 100% “Made in the USA” materials, incidentally – that could not only service our state’s vexillological needs, but could beat the Georgia company’s price to boot. One of them was Lane MFG, LLC, which has actually consolidated all of its manufacturing facilities here in South Carolina.

You know, sometimes people don’t realize how truly heroic we are. In fact, we had to swim through a sea of electric eels (with a state flag in tow, no less) just to bring you this information.

Lord only knows what nefarious designs S.C. Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell will have on us when he figures out we not only made it through, but are also breaking the news that his first shipment of House lapel pins were made in China. Frankly, if we don’t get the Order of the Palmetto and the Order of the Silver Crescent for our bravery, we’re going to be pretty pissed off.

UPDATE – We just got a call from the Speaker’s Office regarding our assertion that the “first shipment of House lapel pins” were manufactured in China. According to “Speaker Speaker” Greg Foster, only one or two “Made in China” lapel pins were ever provided to the office, and they were for demonstration purposes only. At the Speaker’s insistence, no order was ever placed involving Chinese-made lapel pins. Foster also pointed out to us that the Speaker paid for the pins out of his own money, and added that his office is investigating the flag situation to determine whether or not a South Carolina company can be hired to provide this service.



1. Firestarter - November 28, 2007

FITSNews –

You are doing an amazing job of reporting “inciteful” news about this state. Like the Drudge Report, but local and with T&A. It just keeps getting better! When are you going to go the Bill O’Rielly route and start pedaling your wares ad nauseam? I would like a sticker though. Keep up the good work!

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