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Kirk Herbstreit Is Pessimistic November 28, 2007

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FITSNews – November 28, 2007 – Believe it or not, there’s actually something more ass-backward than South Carolina politics. It’s called the college football postseason, which is unique among postseasons in organized sports because it doesn’t actually settle the elemental competitive question of “who’s #1” with actual competition, instead choosing politics and crazy algorithms to produce its national championship game. Monkeys and abacuses, people, monkeys and abacuses.

Of course unlike South Carolina, the status quo backers in the world of big-time college football (including ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit) are actually presiding over a financially successful endeavor as opposed to a bunch of unemployed, illiterate backwoods bumpkins. Which we guess is one reason why they’d rather not change things and institute a college football playoff system, which is favored by nearly 80% of the fans.

Anyway, Herbstreit was on ESPN this morning giving the notion of a CFB playoff the old “never happen,” while at the same time defending the integrity of the current system, which is once again under fire for failing to give the people what they want – and the coaches and players what they deserve.

As much as the FITS gals love us some Kirkie Poo, we have to hate on him a little bit for being dead wrong on this issue. That’s because there’s no good reason the four Bowl Championship Series contests couldn’t be configured to into an 8-team college football playoff, as recommended eloquently during last week’s West Virginia-Connecticut broadcast by ESPN2 analyst David Norrie, who is our new hero. Sure, he may not be as good-looking as Herbstreit but he’s clearly a lot smarter and a lot less owned by the powers that be. In fact Norrie’s wisdom was almost as sage as the pearls offered by another ESPN analyst, Brad Nesler, who reminded viewers during Saturday’s Georgia-Georgia Tech game in Atlanta that “there’s a lot of streets here that start as Peachtree but end up as something else so if you’re driving down here be careful.”

Having would up in the wrong part of Techwood on more than one occasion, we can only say “Amen,” Brad.



1. GiveMeNOTFits - November 28, 2007


What is your visceral hatred for South Carolina???

I for one am sick and tired iof it. All you do is criticise thsi state 24/7.

You are not happy here so why not take your bitterness and your sacrilege and your pathetic breast pictures and snart alec self “on down the road.”

No one cares what you think or say so do every one the favor and JUST LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!

2. FITSNews - November 28, 2007


You wound us deeply. In fact, we had to stop for a moment, put on “Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm” by the Crash Test Dummies, imagine that emotional cross-country scene from “Dumb and Dumber” and cry it out just a little bit.

Please, our feelings are fragile things.


3. Too Much Coffee - November 28, 2007


If no one cares what he thinks then why do you?

4. Wow - November 28, 2007

the girl to the left of kirk has a belly showing.

5. gamecocks_suck - November 28, 2007

Guess what SCAR still wouldn’t be playing another game this year. Gamecocks suck, they really really suck.

6. Big Ten SUCKS - November 28, 2007

Everyone knows that Kirby is biased because of his Big Ten roots. I agree 100% that some form of a playoff would be much more fair and exciting than the current system, IMHO.

As to #4, she’s got a little baby fat but I wouldn’t kick her off the squad.

7. Wow - November 29, 2007

no, I wouldn’t kick her out of the bed, but probably off the squad, given the two girls to the right of kirk.

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