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Educrats Are Lying About Milwaukee’s School Choice Program November 26, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in US Politics.

milwaukee kids


FITSNews – November 26, 2007 – In addition to completely sucking ass and hatin’ on parents, South Carolina’s education establishment has also proven itself remarkably-skilled at something else -lying. As in pants on fire. For example, Dr. Paul Krohne, Executive Director of the S.C. School Board Association had this to say in a recent Greenville (S.C.) News opinion piece slamming the successful school choice program up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

According to a study released recently … only 34 percent of Milwaukee’s parents actively choose a school for their child at all. Of that small group, less than half consider at least two alternatives in choosing a school. And of those who consider at least two schools, only 65 percent consider the academic performance of the school when choosing.

There’s only one small problem with that – it turns out the Wisconsin study Krohne references only surveyed public school parents, and on top of that, it only asked them about the limited options that are available within the city’s public school system. It didn’t ask parents of the roughly 20,000 children currently taking advantage of private or parochial educational options in Milwaukee.

Unable to refute the dramatic academic improvement of both public and private school students since choice was first implemented in Milwaukee back in 1990, Krohne is grasping at straws in an effort to pin something … anything … negative on the program – not to mention divert your eyes from the increasingly-expensive unmitigated disaster that is public education in South Carolina.

We don’t know where Dr. Krohne got his “Dr.” from, but he might want to go back and get a refund because they obviously forgot to teach him how to do research. We got our doctorate from the University of Truth, where in addition to research methodology they also taught us Ninja moves, humility and how to spot emerging fashion trends.



1. H. Lovejoy - November 26, 2007

Will someone PLEASE think of the children!

2. Believe It Not - November 26, 2007

sic(k) [lower case] willie, you don’t know Paul Krohne.

We do. He’s a totally honest professional. You’re a political hack.

For you to associate him with “sucking ass” makes you a brainless political hack and a total idiot.

Yes, willie. We said it. A totally brainless idiot.

We can be more specific if necessary. But, you get the idea!

Totally brainless idiot and political hack.

3. Believe It Not - November 26, 2007

But, we still love you and Rod and RJ. How much are they paying you these days? Enough to keep your blog up?

4. FITSNews - November 26, 2007


We have no doubt that you know Paul Kro-magnon very well.

How much is he paying you these days?

Enough to be perpetually owned by Sic Willie on the pages of FITSNews?

Of course we’re sure being the fly on this elephant’s ass is a step up for you.

Keep the cards and letters coming, though, and remember you only exist because of us.

Love ya, crick!


5. Hmmmm... - November 26, 2007

I don’t really have a dog in this fight. I know something has to be done. But let’s get real here: Do you believe those pushing vouchers are shooting straight when they take people on these junkets to Milwaukee and show them all the great stuff going on there but neglect to tell them about the schools that closed because of repeated violence?

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