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We Shopped, Sic Dropped November 24, 2007

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FITSNews – November 24, 2007 – It took a lot of meth, lunch at Hooters’ and a steady diet of blended venti mocha frappucinos, but Sic Willie actually survived yesterday’s sixteen-hour shopping marathon with the FITS gals‘ personal shoppers (above).

Even more amazingly, he only got thrown out of six stores, although we felt that tossing him from Victoria’s Secret for pointing out a mannequin’s camel-toe was a bit heavy-handed. Of course the girl he goosed at Aéropostale was definitely NOT fifteen (and they let him stay), so it probably all evens out.

Anyway, from the Village at Sandhill to the shops of Five Points, from the thrift stores on Two Notch to the mall at Columbiana, from Columbia Place to the boutiques of Devine Street, Sic covered hundreds of thousands of square feet of retail space yesterday, taking in all the sights, sounds and snarling traffic of the day after Thanksgiving.

Sadly, we were never able to find the Emily The Tank Engine toy he so desperately wanted (something about lead paint and China), but they say that letting babies cry themselves to sleep every once in awhile builds character …



1. Believe It Not - November 25, 2007

More likely, sic(k) willie was shopping alone at some adult novelty store on Two Notch Road late Friday night after being shot down by a dozen or more Carolina coeds who have too much class to be seen with him.

2. BIN is special - November 25, 2007


Don’t forget the short bus comes sharply at 6:30 a.m. to take you to your favorite special public school.

-Believes In Nothing

3. It’s game time » The Palmetto Scoop - November 26, 2007

[…] Anyway, I figure we have a loaded three weeks ahead before everything winds down for Christmas, so expect things to pick up around here.  If not, we’ll just write about nonsense or post pictures of scantily clad celebrities like some other South Carolina blogs do. […]

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