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Yo-Bama’s Education Spending Is “Ba-Dam” Big November 21, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

kim rump


FITSNews – November 21, 2007 – If education spending plans were celebrity asses, then Sen. Barack Obama‘s recently-announced proposal would be the ass of Kim Kardashian. Seriously, we’ve stuck up for Yo-Bama repeatedly in the past (editor’s note: it was the only way “Obama Girl” would put out for Sic Willie), but WTF? When did “let’s give another $18 billion to a bunch of incompetent educrat bumpkins in ass-backward South Carolina” suddenly become a smart investment?

Seriously, Obama could set all that money on fire or use it as really expensive toilet paper and end up with better results than handing it over to these ass clowns. They’re certainly deft at public relations, but their skill with the media is nothing compared to their ability to take gobs of your money and do absolutely jack sh*t with it.

Obama also praised South Carolina’s, um, “accountability,” which is basically an expensive annual reminder of just how sh*tty our public schools continue to be.

Of course, God forbid anybody criticize these hypocrites for their abysmal failure (or maybe take a fraction of the colossal waste they’re incurring and give it to parents for a change) because lest we forget, they’re all “for the children” and anybody who dares to question their monopolistic racket is obviously “not fromma ’round dese parts.”



1. Jeffrey Sewell - November 21, 2007


You remain as irreverent as ever, but when you are right you are right. What are the candidates plans, anyone please, for doing something other than throwing more money at a system so corrupt, so without new ideas or inclination or ability to achieve more than failing results year after year. Then use our tax dollars to lobby for more and more and more.

If it were not for a gazillion Muslim extremist wacko’s around the world attempting to hurl doomsday at us tomorrow one would have to rank education the number one issue facing our republic so unfortunately will have to make it the second most important issue.

2. Eric - November 21, 2007

I hate stating the obvious…but SC schools suck.
I just had an experience with a relative that was caught up in a “zero tolerance” (which is code for the wimpy principles refuse to earn their paychecks by making difficult decisions, and just punt blindly to a policy)… and I can say that the behavior of all involved could not be less helpful.
In fact, like much of government, the school officials demonstrated over and over again that they could care less for the kids involved.
So please count me as one of the converted…SC Schools can’t be fixed. The existing culture can’t be changed. Bring on the vouchers, baby, bring them on…

3. Gillon - November 21, 2007

I agree with Mr. Sewell completely, especially the part when he asks what the candidates plans are ‘for doing something other than throwing more money at a system so corrupt, so without new ideas or inclination or ability to achieve more than failing results year after year.” That is one of the most accurate descriptions that I have read lately of the Bush-Cheney administration’s efforts in Iraq.

4. schotline - November 21, 2007


Good spin! Are you available for hire:)

5. just musing - November 24, 2007

I just do not get all of the comments blasting SC schools. I do not understand why it is not as obvious to everyone else as it is to me that the so called “failing schools” do a prety good job with the students they have. You could swap the teachers in Lexington One with the teachers in Allendale and you would get the same results in both districts. And I am not picking on Allendale. Kids that are prepared to learn when they start to school do just as well as any in the US. I would like to see SOMEBODY offer some solutions to the real problem(s). It is pretty hard for that parent in rural Williamsburg, Lee, or Dillon to do what they need to do to ensure that their children are ready to learn when the only job available is a $6 per hour gig that is a two hour one way bus ride away cleaning rooms at some coastal resort. But, in a state where “Tourism” is the #1 “Industry” I guess somebody has to be sacrificed so that the folks that own our “Tourism Products” can remain competitive in this global economy.

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