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This Story’s Got Carmen Electra Legs November 21, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

carmen electra legs


FITSNews – November 21, 2007 – You know a political story has “legs” (i.e. staying power) whenever people start doing Saturday Night Live-style spoofs about it, which is what the diabolically funny website 23/6 is doing with the recent Mitt Romney push-polling scandal up in New Hampshire.

To recap, it appears as if the Romney campaign is behind a hateful, anti-Mormon telephone “poll” that actually targeted its own candidate in an effort to generate sympathy and provide him with an acceptable forum for addressing his religious beliefs.

The New Hampshire Attorney General is investigating the scandalous calls, but the Utah-based company (which is refusing to reveal who paid for them) is run by a friend of Romney and has numerous Romney contributors on its payroll.

All of which leads us to this hilarious parody of the whole situation by our new friends at 23/6.

Frankly, we could care less that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. As long as he’s not worshipping breakdancing aliens or whatever it is that Tom Cruise and his Scientologist buddies worship, we’re cool with it.



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