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Justice Placebo Is Mr. Darcy November 20, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

pride and prejudice


FITSNews – November 20, 2007 – S.C. Supreme Court Justice Costa M. Pleicones doesn’t understand why people are so pissed off about the recent scandal involving the Court’s controversial decision to toss out an entire section of the South Carolina bar exam. In fact, he’s so troubled by the Court’s increasingly vocal critics that he’s beginning to talk like the same 19th Century institutional vestiges that he’s defending. From today’s story in La Socialista:

“It’s very vexing to have your integrity questioned when you know you did nothing wrong,” Pleicones said.

Vexing? Holy hell, when did this drama turn into a friggin’ Jane Austen novel? Anyway, speaking of excessively lengthy and boring manuscripts that seem to wind on interminably, the Supreme Court released its second statement on the controversy yesterday.

It says something about how the Court … made … its … decision … to … Zzzzzzzzz.



1. pissed - November 20, 2007

I think that their statement is total bull. Maybe I am a little biased but why are 21 improper passings better than 1? Why did Kendal and Catherine “work so hard” for something that didn’t apply to them? Why did Hearn tell the papers he didn’t have any idea what happened and he was not contacted about it before it was overturned? Why didn’t they just pass everyone and not just wills trusts if it was nothing more than a scrivener’s error? I know other people who confided that they had helped the girls “compile” all their data and who discussed with them what was going on with their daddys – did everyone at the supreme court forget that? I received the email from kendall myself. Was it total coincidence that the one section all these girls were working so hard to get changed just happened to have this error and the court just happened to make this insane decision to just pass everyone because the examiner had written someone’s number down wrong. No, it is just Toal making excuses for her abuse of power and negligence once again.

2. pissed - November 20, 2007

p.s. if what they say is true, all those people they passed really legitimately failed including kendall and catherine.

3. Sue Ellen - November 20, 2007

What a joke. This can not be for real.

Burch is emailing people on 10/30 (“My Dad and Catherine Harrison’s dad have been on the phone with the powers that be, and if we can get a big enough group together that failed the Wills section they are going to take it to the Sup. Ct and see if they’ll regrade our exams” saying there is a problem.

Then the Court finds the mistake the next day (10/31) and changes the results soon after to allow them to pass.

Harrison says ““We worked really hard last week to make this happen and I’m just relieved that it’s all over and I can move on.” Harrison and Burch both admit to calling the graders and Court.

The Rules are: (1) No contact and (2) All grades are final.

Both were broken.

21 people who failed the Bar are now lawyers.

No one has taken responsibility.

4. SC Attorney - November 20, 2007

Apparently all grades are not final according the South Carolina Supreme Court. How can those who still failed be assured that there was no “scriveners error” on their essays? Apparently the SC’s “system” is not “more than sufficient to prevent any errors”.

This is the biggest joke I have ever seen. And the funny part is that the justices are getting defensive that people are questioning them?!? They have the sole and absolute power on bar admissions and they are abusing that power, regardless of which ridiculous “reasons” they come up with for what they have done.

Burch’s and Harrison’s “hard work” had nothing to do with this? Coincidence? I think not.

5. Snuggles - November 20, 2007

Just pass them all this year and make new rules for the February exam.

6. anonymous - November 20, 2007

sounds great to me, snuggles!

7. holly golightly - November 20, 2007

i think maybe you should post more pictures from pride & prejudice. maybe that sense of honor exhibited by austen can be learned by those at the center of this story.

8. disappointed - November 20, 2007

Regrade all the exams based on the Feb 2007 scale and lower the passage rate to oh, say 63%.


are you kidding me, 99 people failed the MBE. I think that is the most telling number of all. I think that shows that the other numbers are low, not that the T and E number is high.

9. a good solution! - November 20, 2007

Snuggles is so sweet.

Just pass the February group, too. They have been traumatized by this!

10. FITSNews - November 20, 2007

Holly G.,

You gotta stop, you’re turning Sic Willie on!


11. Bartleby the Scrivener - November 20, 2007

I would prefer not to…change any more grades.

12. ToTOALed - November 20, 2007

Sue Ellen, I don’t think you really get it, do you?

They’re fit to judge themselves now.

13. More Questions than Answers - November 20, 2007

Q: How did Burch and Harrison know that the T&E section was their golden ticket? When you fail the bar, do they tell which sections you failed?

Also, I think this new supreme court statement reveals more involvement on Hearn’s part than he has previously let on in public statements. How could an examiner under Hearn’s direct supervision go back and review the exams and then report the scrivener’s error to the supreme court without Hearn’s knowledge? I think it was very likely that Hearns not only knew about it, but directed the examiner to do so after speaking with Harrison and Burch. His previous statement was likley a CYA and an outright lie.

Furthermore, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hearns informed Toal on “what needed to be done” when the scrivener’s error was brought to their attention. I would hope that Harrrison would not have been dumb enough to contact Toal directly, but it wouldn’t surprise me either.

14. More Questions than Answers - November 20, 2007

Also, It looks like this T&E examiner was intended to be the fall guy by resigning. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I wonder how he was enticed to comply?

15. Please Don't Fire Us, Your Majesty - November 20, 2007

The SC Bar, didn’t say Board of Governors this time, issued this statement a little while ago:

On November 19, the Court issued an additional statement regarding the events and actions surrounding the July 2007 bar examination. The full text of the statement can be viewed here. Today, the Bar issued the following statement:

“The South Carolina Bar appreciates the candor and responsiveness of the Supreme Court in its recent statement regarding the bar examination grading error. The Bar recognizes that the Court had no obligation to explain its decision. Indeed, judicial independence and impartiality require the Court to be deliberative and to render opinions apart from external considerations. However, in making the additional statement, the Court has put to rest any speculation concerning the facts. The Statement further exemplifies the conscientiousness with which the Court addresses all the important matters that come before it. The Bar is confident that the Court has and will continue to maintain the integrity of the bar admissions process.”

Oh, yeah, I’m convinced.

16. ? - November 20, 2007

I’m glad all of the effort I put into passing the bar in July has been cheapened by some goodoldboys making sure their children passed. I am even more ecstatic that my profession has been further undermined, in this state, by a total lack of real accountability.

17. HD - November 21, 2007

Of all the possible explanations for what happened, the SCt’s is one of the more bizarre and unbelievable. Rather than have to tell one precious snowflake that he/she had actually failed, the Ct decided that the better option was to pass 19 others who actually failed. Did it not occur to the Ct that a “better” option, if it was feeling generous, would have been to simply apply its “all results are final” rule to the precious snowflake, pass him/her, and leave the rest of the takers out of it? Sure, that would have meant that 19 people failed when one identically situated person passed. Oh well. What about all those people who failed two sections, neither of which was T&E? Is it “fair” to them that they still fail the exam just because there was no “scrivener’s error” on a test in the sections they failed? After all, for the 19 who failed the exam and are now lawyers, it was just serendipity that the “scrivener’s error” happened on one test in a section they failed – it could have as easily been in a different section.

While I have no evidence on which to question the Justices’ integrity, I certainly question their judgment. Their chosen resolution to the problem that confronted them (as they describe it) was absurd.

18. Snuggles - November 21, 2007

“Integrity of the bar admissions process”?……I think I need to throw up! But then again, our supreme court (and I intentionally did not capitalize the first letters) can not be blamed because someone might just have that divine intuition that enabled them know about the scriveners error on October 30 before it was reported to the court on October 31. It was all Hallows eve and strange things are supposed to happen.

19. holly golightly - November 21, 2007

Kathleen: “I don’t hate you.”
Joe: “But you’ll never forgive me. Just like Elizabeth..”
Kathleen: “Who?”
Joe: “Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. She was too proud.”
Kathleen: “I thought you hated Pride and Prejudice.”
Joe: “Or was she too prejudiced and Mr. Darcy is too proud. Ah- I can’t remember.”

hmm.. pride. think they’ve ever heard of it?

20. Who u gonna call? - November 21, 2007

Little Miss. who got daddy to pass her mentioned how all his hard work paid off right on her faces page, or whatever you call them, two days before the examner claims he found a mistake in the test section. It doesn’t take a lawyer, or any one with a bit of common sense to figure out that this entire mess is bogus. I love children that scream “I want a oompa loompa, daddy!” and get it.

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