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Jim Rex Believes In “Hope …” November 20, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

rex hope


FITSNews – November 20, 2007 – We hate to spoil a nicely-themed press event for S.C. Superintendent of Education Jim Rex, but we figure the more time he spends fixing our state’s pathetic public schools as opposed to spoonfeeding meaningless drivel to a fawning press corps, the better off our state’s kids are going to be.

Anyway, that’s why we’re publishing an internal school district e-mail, obtained exclusively by FITSNews, that seems to be laying the groundwork for Rex’s latest PR stunt. Sent to hundreds of teachers and school administrators yesterday, it reads:

I have what is going to seem like an odd request. I have been asked to find one or two little girls between the ages of 4 and 6, one white, one African American who are both named Hope.

Do you know of any little girls here at school, in your family, neighborhood or at church who have the name of Hope? Photogenic would be nice as well. If you could look around, ask friends I’d appreciate it. This is for something Jim Rex is working on.



We’re going to go out on a limb here and predict that this event is going to be the sweetest thing ever – in addition to being racially-diverse and completely free of ugly kids. Because heaven knows, when you’re trying to justify the nation’s worst graduation rate (despite a billion dollars in new money being pumped into your school system over the last four years), ugly kids just aren’t going to get the job done.

Pretty kids = more money, people. Ask any black market baby smuggler.



1. Scott - November 20, 2007

It’s good to see that Jim Rex is working on finding Hope.

I just wish he’d work on getting results for all children in South Carolina.

2. Regina - November 20, 2007

He should have learned something about leaving a paper trail from Catherine Harrison & Kendall Burch.

Maybe learning is not his strong point.

3. Just me - November 21, 2007

Will – unrelated but nice to see this:

We now come to the Holiday Ham award. This award is for the politician or activist who seems the best at self promotion. This year’s winner is Will Folks, owner of the FITS news blog. From the pictures of scantily clad women he posts to the defense of the Governor he used to work for he pretends to loathe, no blogger or political activist in South Carolina has promoted himself better. Folks has rehabilitated himself from scandal ridden Sanford staffer into a bona fide voice in state politics better than Jimmy Carter rehabilitated himself from failed President to respected elder statesman.

4. Believe It Not - November 21, 2007

Dear “Just Me,”

It took a few for the impact of your post to sink in, down in the Vista, among sic(k) willie’s fan. But, you’re right.

sic(k) willie is just like Jimmy Carter. They have so much in common.

Both failed publicly and politically, both embarrassed their community, both “lusted” in their hearts, and both are at the end of their careers.

Congratulations willie at being just like Jimmy Carter!!!!!

5. Believes In Nothing - November 21, 2007


I know that it is tough for you to type somewhat (in)coherent messages on this blog while looking through the face protector of your extra padded helmet, but come on, give it a rest. Why are you such an apologist for the Democrats? Do you hate freedom? Are you truly a socialist? Maybe BIN stands for Believes In Nothing. That could explain why all you do seemingly ALL day is vigorously await Will’s next great post, and, after the jealousy and anger sets in because you were not bright enough to comprehend what was said, you then proceed to post really ridiculous messages that do in fact serve a purpose. They demonstrate just the caliber of people who would be apologists for the Dems and lovers of public school. Keep up the good work.

6. Jim Rex Casting Call-An Early Thanksgiving Treat « The Voice for School Choice - November 21, 2007

[…] 21, 2007 · No Comments In case you missed it yesterday, FITS News broke the story regarding a nice little gimmick cooked up by Jim Rex (and presumably his well paid PR consultant […]

7. "T&A" stands for "T"otal jack[A]ss" - November 22, 2007

BEWARE PRETTY PHOTOGENIC GIRLS! I fear if the little girls between the ages of 4 and 6 sought by our state’s superintendent are too pretty and too “photogenic” that “Sic Willie” himself will begin searching for such pretty little girls! But his search will be one of a different sort – the sort that involves internet sites where members pay by the “download,” have user names like those in “Boogie Nights,” and cause red flags over at F.B.I. headquarters. Instead of finding a girl named “Hope,” he’ll be “hoping” to find little girls the only way he seems to like any girls, that is, naked, half-naked, kissing each other, or teasing each other sans clothes during a pillow fight — all the while, of course, all the girls are in cyberspace, out of the reach of his sweaty, small, callused hands.
In an earlier post, Sic Willie smugly dismissed claims that his little site contains too much “T&A.” In fact, he was so cutsie when he said he didn’t even know what those initials stood for. He even retaliated the way any 16-year old boy of a certain upbringing would, with a quick, “see there” boobie and butt post. Come now “sic” boy, that’s only half true. You know what T&A means – we’ll cut you a break. Your understanding need not come from real women. After all, we know the naughty things you do to real women. We also understand because of your domestic violence history that maybe your probation terms or maybe just plain fear and arrested adolescence cause you to steer clear of real women. But that’s why we’ll give you a break! We’re willing to grant an exception in your case, and count your limited knowledge of women as evidence that you know what “T&A” means. We’ll count as knowlege your endless hours in the dark world of clicking for “luv” in all the wrong places, clicking for “luv” in too many faces. I only say faces because it’s in keeping with parallelism.
It only takes a glance at your little boy site to figure out that you spend most of your day on seedy internet sites that would disappoint your poor momma, make even marginally decent women run and call the rape crisis center, and keep everyone, including the devil himself, away from your computer and out of your drawers drawer!
Now, having said all this, I know you won’t fret about my post. I know you’ll even consider it a badge of honor. Why? Because there are, unfortunately for nice girls, so many guys like you out there, and you’re all so average and predictable.To say your type is a dime-a-dozen is a misrepresentation of a shortage. I’m even willing to predict what you’ll do after you read this post. I’ll bet you sign-in to one of your favorite Hugh Heffner or Larry Flynt websites, of which no doubt you’re a platinum member of several, and go to town on a couple of “barely legal” cyber sisters. The upside? Well, if not with American Express, at least you’ve achieved the benefits that come with Platinum membership somewhere!
I never thought I’d say this, but I’d rather get the local news from “The State.” It might be a rag, but at least I’m not hit in the face with close-up shots of girls parts while their on the rag!
Like I said, T&A stands for “T”otal Jack[A]ss!

By the way, sorry I’m posting this message again, but I didn’t realize there was a specific posting place next to the story to which the post applied. So I posted pretty much the same thing in the general comments section. So, if you decide to leave one of these posts up, I would appreciate your deleting the one in the comments section. I noticed some typos and other embarrasing errors — probably still some in this one. What can I say, South Carolina public schools and all . . . . Anyway, Will person, thanks for letting me figure out how to vent on a blog!

8. Nice Try BIN! - November 22, 2007

every one knows that is you so you might want to try harder next time. in the meantime maybe we will get lucky and sic willie will block your comments.

9. BIN (non)apologist - November 22, 2007

BIN is thankful for his extra dose of medication, the ele(k)troshock therapy that he regularly receives, and the brand new shiny helmet that he received from the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs……he LOVES government handouts around the holiday time!!!!!!

10. Silenece Dogood - November 23, 2007

Believes In Nothing,

After BIN states several things lampooning Jimmy Carter as a public and political failure, you lampoon him/her for being an apologist for Democrats??? That doesn’t seem to flow too well logically.

11. ToTOALed - November 24, 2007

T&A has, to say the very least, serious issues. Be careful around such a person. She might be more dangerous than I am driving around Columbia on a Friday night.

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