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FITSNews Exclusive – S.C. Top Cop Resigning Monday November 16, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

stewart chief


FITSNews – November 16, 2007 – South Carolina’s top law enforcement official will announce his decision to step down on Monday, sources tell FITSNews.

Chief Robert M. Stewart (above), who has served as the head of the S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) since 1988, has spent his entire professional career in law enforcement – beginning as a Cadet in the Cheraw Police Department at the age of seventeen.

One of the most respected figures in all of state government, Stewart came to SLED in 1975 and quickly worked his way up through the ranks as a member of the agency’s elite SWAT team. Named Deputy Director in 1987, he was appointed Chief the following year by Gov. Carroll Campbell and has held that post for the past nineteen years under four different gubernatorial administrations. In 2003, after fifteen years at the agency’s helm, Stewart was tapped by Gov. Mark Sanford to take on an expanded mission, directing South Carolina’s counter-terrorism efforts in coordination with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Low-key, unflappable and the epitome of professionalism and integrity, Stewart is one of the most decorated lawmen in America, and under his leadership SLED has become one of the nation’s most successful, technologically-advanced law enforcement units. Stewart isn’t retiring, mind you, he’s leaving his government position to open a consulting firm with SLED’s intergovernmental affairs liaison, Cindy Konduros.

UPDATE – Columbia, S.C.-based WIS-TV is now confirming the news.



1. Believe It Not - November 16, 2007

sic(k) willie, thanks for pretending you got another “scoop.”

We heard about this eleventy brazillion days ago. Why has it taken you so long to hear about it???

Now, if you’re so smart, tell us who will replace him.

We know who should. MK is the only logical choice!

Do your homework and figure out who that is. 🙂

2. J Edgar Hoover is storming the gates - November 16, 2007

Stewart is a fu$%ing crook. He has protected the obvious politicians for the quinn consulting firm for far too long.

This is truly the end of the Quindom.

Richard, Its over now!

It is now time for Sanford and ReformSC to make the run

3. Believe It Snot - November 17, 2007

LL would be another good choice.

4. Believe It Snot - November 17, 2007

Appointing JaKiE would be “criminal.” That would be like making Barnie Fife head of the FBI. The thought of J. Edgar Knottts makes us sick

5. Believe It Not - November 17, 2007

Sometime later today, when he sobers up, sic(k) willie will “break” the news that former Governor McNair passed away.

Rest In Peace, Our Friend!!!

6. Anon - November 17, 2007

MK = Mark Keel?

LL = Leon Lott?

7. Leon would be a good choice... - November 17, 2007

Can anyone think of someone better?

8. JulyKid - November 17, 2007

Leon has been lobbying for the job for a year now….

9. J Edgar Hoover is storming the gates - November 17, 2007

10 to 1 there is another name in the mix that nobody has thought about yet. J, al cannon esquire. High Sheriff of the lowcountry who was a candidate for sc director of public safety and for director of homeland security. Those “jobs” weren’t good enough for the sheriff. He wanted to remain home and do his job and help take care of his mother who was ailing. His mother has passed.

I think having a sled chief who has been a beat cop, a sled agent, former chief of police for the city of north charleston, a practicing attorney and three term sheriff of Charleston County is definitely the most qualified man for the job.

10. Mr. Business - November 17, 2007

You honestly think that Sanford would put a democrat like Leon Lott in that office. Mark Keel has been groomed for that office for a long time and would be a great nomination.

11. Believe It Not - November 18, 2007

Mr. Keel is the only logical choice. Anyone else would be just a political hack, and S.C. has enough political hacks already. A case in point is sick(k) willie. Okay, so he’s only a political hack wanna-be.

Mr. B. is right. The gubner would never appoint LL because of politics.

MK is the only choice.

12. Peter Pumpkinhead - November 18, 2007

being groomed for an office for a long time in South Carolina that is politically appointed for 7 years that cannot be removed without cause is a potentially dangerous thing.

Think about our supreme court justices that can only be impeached by a vote of 2/3rd of EACH chamber the General Assembly. Like that will ever happen.

In the palmetto state, our leaders think with the wrong had sometimes. Its the one above their shoulders, they use it to figure out how they are going to spend their campaign contributions and the competitive grants that they are going to get for their districts in an effort to get reelected.

13. Biggie - November 19, 2007

From the “It’s a small world” department. A few years ago when Chief Stewart said he was going to retire (and then changed his mind a short time later) I heard Judge Burch (yep, the same one from the bar exam controversy) was a candidate. He had been a cop before he went to law school so it made some sense at the time. Of course, after the last couple of weeks, I’m sure he’s out of it.

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