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S.C. Schools Sucky Sucky Long Time November 15, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

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FITSNews – November 15, 2007 – Not a single Palmetto state school district is rated “excellent,” and only seven of the state’s 85 districts are “good,” according to South Carolina school report cards released today. The rest are either average (32.5%), below average (25.2%) or failing (14.6%). Of course to hear the educrats and their apologists over at La Socialista tell it, school performance isn’t something you can measure, you know, with numbers:

“Schools are not factories, schools are not refrigerators, schools are not toaster ovens,” said Kershaw Superintendent Frank Morgan. “Schools are living, breathing institutions and organisms, and it’s hard to put a numerical judgment on an institution of that type.”

Huh? While we assume the lotus position to ponder Superintendent Buddha’s new age wisdom, we’ll let you decide if the fact that half of our state’s school kids don’t graduate constitutes a valid “numerical judgment” or not.

Seriously, we’ve given these Department of Education f*ckers a billion dollars in new money over the last four years (on top of the billions they were already getting) and all they’ve done is continue to suck complete ass and rely on tainted reporters at left-leaning rags to do their bitching for them.

Are we being a little harsh? Perhaps, but when your body is a wonderland you can get away with saying things like that.



1. Don Johnson - November 15, 2007

Hey Jim Rex…

Me Love You Long Time

— The State

2. Believe It Not - November 15, 2007

sic(k) willie, “…you ignorant slut.”

Folks, we’re not calling sic(k) willie a “slut.” All we’re doing is using a line from an old SNL show that’s always used in jest. On the other hand, everyone knows how “ignorant” will is about public education.

will, as we’ve said here a brazillion times. When S.C. fixes poverty, latent racism and the host of resulting social ills facing our citizens, then we will have a chance to give all children a great education.

Until then, your “voucher scam” is nothing but a scam.

3. Frank Morgan - November 18, 2007

Thanks for giving my quote in The State wider distribution. I actually said a lot more, but I understand why the reporter couldn’t use it all. Below is everything I said. I hope it is helpful to the readers of your site.

There’s no greater proponent of accountability than me. (Editorial comment – If you check with the districts I’ve worked for, you’ll find this is quite true.) There is certainly valid purpose behind the Report Card. However, right now, the Report Card seems to confuse more than it informs. For example, here in Kershaw County, we have Doby’s Mill Elementary School, a Palmetto’s Finest School and a Blue Ribbon School, which is rated as “Average.” Any parent who has a child at Doby’s Mill would see this and think that something doesn’t quite add up.

The biggest problem that I see here is that the way the school Report Cards are structured is the same way that Consumer Reports rate refrigerators. Schools are not factories, schools are not refrigerators, schools are not toaster ovens. Schools are living, breathing institutions and organisms, and it’s hard to put a numerical judgment on an institution of that type.

Thanks for the opportunity to add to the discussion!


4. FITSNews - November 18, 2007

Superintendent Morgan,

We appreciate your comment. Having visited your school district a few years back, Kershaw’s schools certainly do a much better job than most of meeting the challenges facing our young people.

Also to its credit, your district was also the only one in the entire state to invite a delegation to present the merits of giving parents more choices a few years back when the SC School Boards Association demanded that each district pass a resolution unilaterally opposing school choice.

The school board ultimately adopted the bogus SCSBA resolution anyway, but at least Kershaw’s education leaders at the time were willing to listen before they passed judgment. None of your counterparts were.

We also agree with you that the current system is flawed, and that accountability is much more than just a number, but the statewide data pointing to the utter failure of a “one size fits all” approach to education in South Carolina is beyond dispute, as is the utter failure of additional funding as the only means of fixing things.

At any rate, we appreciate your taking the time to comment as well as being a good sport! Feel free to log on and share your thoughts anytime …


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