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Free Speech … Ain’t It A B*tch? November 15, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries, The Press.

free speech


FITSNews – November 15, 2007 – You know the political “silly season” is upon us when the press starts manufacturing scandals (like they’re not enough real ones to report on) and then tries to pre-package some canned outrage over something that’s really not that big a deal to begin with. Like Barack Obama’s lapel pin. Or the old lady that asked Sen. John McCain earlier this week in South Carolina “How do we beat the bitch?” (CLICK HERE to watch).

We just assumed she was talking about Sic Willie, but apparently she was referring to Hillary Clinton. Go figure.

Well, some blowhard CNN anchor decided to take McCain’s response to the lady – which was “that’s an interesting question” – and turn it into a little mini-scandal/ hissyfit. (CLICK HERE to watch that).

At any rate, apparently eager to score some points with the FOX News crowd by doing some gratuitous CNN-bashing, McCain decided to step up the profile of the “controversy” yesterday by focusing his weekly conference call with bloggers on the incident.

We didn’t phone in because we were busy (and because frankly McCain’s conference call music usually sucks), but at the end of the day the fact some crabby old Republican bag from South Carolina called Hillary Clinton a “bitch” is about as newsworthy as us yawning. What we really want to know is why does everybody who hangs out with McCain always look so old? Well, that, and when the hell is this stupid election over, anyway? Seriously, we don’t even vote and it’s starting to piss us off …



1. dirtyword.net - November 15, 2007

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2. Anonymous - November 15, 2007

I thought the lesson of the Obama lapel pin flap was not the media introduces silly issues into the race but that Obama didn’t know how to dismiss the silly issues the media introduces into the race, thereby making it a non-story.

3. Jerry - November 17, 2007

“At any rate, apparently eager to score some points with the FOX News crowd by doing some gratuitous CNN-bashing…”

Arguing about whether CNN is better than Fox is like engaging in deep thought about whether Days Of Our Lives is better than General Hospital.

I stopped watching TV news years ago and my IQ jumped 20 points.

4. yo mama - November 19, 2007

hey waZ gewd i rly tinkg yo page is gay so hit me bak lol

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