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Jakie Makes His Move November 14, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.



FITSNews – November 14, 2007 – Say what you want about Lexington Sen. Jake Knotts (and we’ve said plenty), but home boy ain’t dumb. And obviously neither is his political consultant, the wily (and wooly) Rod Shealy, Sr.

That’s why it didn’t surprise us in the least that Shealy launched a preemptive strike in this morning’s Lake Murray News, of all places, against Knotts’ chief antagonist in his upcoming 2008 Senate Race, Gov. Mark Sanford. Seeking to portray the governor as a man with a vendetta against the former law enforcement officer, Shealy claims to have uncovered at least a portion of the so-called “Sanford plumbers” operation that is allegedly targeting several non-cooperative lawmakers for defeat.

As much as we disagree with Jakie (and will likely endorse whoever ends up running against him next year, provided they have a pulse), we’ve got to give the big guy some credit on this one, at least from a strategic standpoint. Shealy’s charges against the governor – which we’ll be investigating in more detail in forthcoming posts – are bound to provide him with at least some insulation from whatever assaults are coming his way in the months to come, no matter how accurate or deserving they may be. Will it be enough to distract voters and save his seat? We’ll see …



1. I smell a rotten fish... - November 14, 2007

A couple of things…

1.Mark Sanford’s brother, John, is the boss of a director of the group.

2.Pursuant to IRS rules this group is suppose to be independent…how can Sanford snap his fingers and they give a sizeable amount of money back to the taxpayers? This transaction proves the group is not at “arms length”…and therefore violates the tax code.

3.There are at least three shadow groups (that I know of) that Sanford operates like a personal bank. The money consists of mainly out of state cash given to Sanford. (for what reason?)

At the heart of Mark Sanford’s administration is his claim of accountability and transparency. Let him stop his hypocrisy and release the financial records of these groups…and let him do it now.

2. King Richard - November 14, 2007

And the bag man got caught. pigs in the poke.

3. VN - November 14, 2007

Great Job Jake . Just think only about 3 years left of this joke Governor

4. got you scopped - November 14, 2007

Got a poor black shrimper to run against Jakie?

5. Two Cathedrals - November 14, 2007

Gratias tibi ago, domine

Thank you, Lord.

Haec credam a deo pio, a deo justo, a deo scito?

Am I to believe these things from a righteous God, a just God, a wise God?

Cruciatus in crucem

To Hell with your punishments

Tuus in terra servus, nuntius fui; officium perfeci

I was your servant, your messenger on the earth, I did my duty.

Cruciatus in crucem eas in crucem

The Hell with your punishments! And to Hell with you!

You get Hoines.

6. Believe It Not - November 14, 2007

will, we have a serious question: are those the same “plumbers” who suckered you on the “scoop” about the still unnamed “Midland’s elected official” you once claimed had a “Strom problem”?

You promised details. Yet, you’ve grown silent on the subject.

You’ve even refused to post a couple of our recent inquiries.

Come on sic(k) willie, give us details. Many think Jakie was the target of that attack. Was Jakie the mysterious “Midland’s elected official”?

Who feed you that “sheep dip” story?

7. Believe It Not - November 14, 2007

By the way. Camera’s do add weight.

Jakie doesn’t look nearly that bloated in person.

But, his diet of “Dixiecrats” and R.C. Cola have not been kind to “the boy.” But, at least he has not been busted recently (again) for animal cruelty for leaving his cute little poodle locked in a 10 kabillion degree hot car while he eats his daily “Dixiecrat.”

8. FITSNews - November 14, 2007


You’ve posted this same comment eleventy kabillion times already. Don’t you know impatient people rarely get what they ask for?


9. Dirtymoneywatcher - November 14, 2007

At the heart of Mark Sanford’s administration is the claim of accountability and transparency. Now, he is caught secretly sending $100,000 of taxpayer money to his wealthy friends so that they can support his agenda.

If Mark Sanford wants to be anything other than a hypocrite he will:

1.Call for the immediate disclosure of all donations and expenses for ReformSC, and South Carolinians for Change, Inc.

2.Call for the immediate disclosure of all donations and expenses for the private host committee of the Republican Governors association meeting in Charleston.

It is time for Mark Sanford to come out of the darkness and disclose the MILLIONS in out of state and lobbyist contributions that have been made to Sanford and his friends. Honesty will sweep away this murky business…and restore honor back to the Mark Sanford.

10. It done now - November 14, 2007

Jakie said;” Drifter, can you make folks cry when you play and sang?
Have you paid your dues, can you moan the blues?
Can you bend them guitar strangs?”
He said;” Boy, can you make folks feel what you feel inside?”
Cause if your big star bound let me warn you its a long hard ride.

Who has the counter-list has members of the GA tageted by the anti-Sanford faction? It does exist. And, who was that masked man in Charleston all week long? I saw him with Broad Street lawyers all over the place.

11. Believe It Not - November 14, 2007

Hey, will, did you hear what happened at the White House yesterday?

Dick Chaney gave President Bush his daily briefing, and he concluded by saying: “Yesterday, three Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq.”

“OH NO!” the President exclaimed. “That’s terrible!”

His staff sat totally stunned at his clear display of emotion, nervously watching as the President sat, head in hands.

Finally, the President looked up and asked…

“So, how many is a brazillion?”

will, we will ask you another eleventy brazillion times until you come clean on the Midland’s elected official and the Strom problem.

12. Believe It Not - November 14, 2007

Then, we will want to know more about the family of the poor dead little “black” girl in Beaufort you claim the gubernator paid off. Please include how you knew she was black, why there was a “pay off,” how much, the check number, and who can prove your allegations. Yawn, zzzzz….

13. FITSNews - November 14, 2007


We’re sure it pays well to be a flea on our backsides, but please … even a rare clever (eleventy brazilian = very good) still doesn’t come close to putting you anywhere even remotely within striking distance of the vicinity of the ballpark of tolerable.

As for the Sanford story, why not ask news editor Steve Brook over La Socialista, who’s been sitting on it for months now.

Same thing w/ your other persistent query, from what we hear.

In fact, the MSM’s lack of motion on several stories we’ve covered in the past could well be the subject of an upcoming FITS post … which we’ll obviously look forward to hearing your take on.


P.S. – A little to the left, please … ahh … you got it.

14. Hank - November 14, 2007

So, the question remains, will Gov. Sanford make a full disclosure of both the sources of income and the expenditures for each one of these groups? If not, maybe someone should test the validity of their tax-exempt status and thus,force disclosure. Or, the other alternative would be civil actions with discovery and subpoenas if grounds were met. But, is there not some GA subpoena powers?

This is indeed a tangled web waiting to be unraveled.

15. GreenGuy - November 15, 2007

What the hell is wrong with South Carolina. Have we turned into New Jersey? We are a one party state with no checks and balances.
Everyone knows we have a lazy press. But where is the Democratic Party? The ACLU? Common Cause? Elected Democratic Officials? Prosecutors? Crusading journalist?
Why the hell do supposedly honorable men and women sit everyday and watch story after story appear and then die without taking action.
We find out our governor is running a complete network of shadow groups funneling MILLIONS of dollars of out of state special interest money and virtually no one cares.
We be New Jersey without the pizza.

16. Wilson - November 15, 2007

Senator McConnell says that the co-mingling of public/private money means that the groups are subject to FOI request? Is this true?

If so…what group or person will step up and FOI this backdoor financing of Sanford’s?

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