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Morning Bland, Er Blend November 13, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

five points am


FITSNews – November 13, 2007 – It’s always funny when news organizations come up with nifty, coffee-related catchphrases to describe their “morning briefs,” when all the segments really are is an excuse for them not to have to be creative and write a bunch of longer stories. So rather than call this section the “Morning Joe,” “Daily Jolt” or some other gay ass coffee-themed title, we’re gonna come right out and admit that we’re lazy and not particularly creative this morning. Is our honesty/ vulnerability sexy as hell? You better believe it, people.

ALL WILKINS, ALL THE TIME – Our counterparts over at the SC Hotline are apparently all hot and bothered about receiving “groundbreaking access” to U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins in Canada this week. The website promises “hourly coverage featuring various mediums including audio, video, and live blogging during its 48 hours of coverage north of the border.” Given that this is Wilkins (yawn) and Canada (double yawn), we’re gonna go out on a limb and suggest that unless somebody gets naked and/or shoots somebody, this is probably going to be slightly less exciting that a game of Clue.

EARMARK THIS – We continue to believe that the term “earmark” is about the gayest thing since Liberace, but then again how can something be gay if no one has any idea what it means? Anyway, we like S.C. Rep. Michael Thompson‘s name for these secret spending items a lot better – “budget busters.”

TAKING ITS TOAL – S.C. Chief Justice Jean Toal reportedly bailed on a speech she was supposed to give to the USC Law School alumni over the weekend. Apparently, the recent bar exam controversy was the talk of the reunion, and “Madame Chief” wasn’t in the mood to chit-chat about its particulars. Also this just in: It appears that after another round of regrading, our very own Sic Willie has now passed the bar exam, even though he denies ever taking it.



1. Sue Ellen - November 13, 2007

Another day goes by, more questions, less answers.

It just keeps getting worse and worse for the Court, Harrison and Burch.

I am glad that Hearn is sticking up for himself in today’s The State article and that they are keeping this alive along with Sic.

When will we hear from the WTE grader?

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