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Spartanburg Educrats Standing In School House Door … Again November 12, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

school house door2


FITSNews – November 12, 2007 – In case you saw our similarly-themed article a week ago and were starting to worry, no, we don’t have some bizarre fetish for black-and-white photographs of former Alabama Gov. George Wallace. It’s just that every time we turn around, somebody in Spartanburg County is standing in the school house door, and the iconic images seem to fit.

Anyway, a week after Spartanburg School District Five found itself in hot water for threatening to remove two six-year old girls from one of its schools (unless the girls’ parents footed the bill for the district’s own zoning mistake), another public school district in Spartanburg County was busted last Friday doing pretty much the same thing.

This time it was Spartanburg School District Seven getting into the act, only in this case the district had actually gone ahead and removed 3-year old Jhay Ortega, a special needs child, from one of its preschool programs back in September. The reason? The school district screwed up its zoning lines.

Of course, as was also the case with Spartanburg Five, it wasn’t “doing the right thing” that compelled school district officials to reverse their previous position and allow Jhay back to school, it was pressure from the media …

After phone calls from a (Spartanburg) Herald-Journal reporter inquiring into the matter, District 7 did an about-face and invited the boy back into its system tuition-free for the remainder of the school year.

Previously, the district had demanded that Jhay’s parents, Jhonathan and Tiffany Ortega, pay $3,900 to keep their son enrolled in his preschool program.

Apparently if your kids go to public school in Spartanburg County, it pays to know somebody at the local paper. Otherwise, you’re pretty much screwed.

The only good news in all this is that the complete inability of Spartanburg school officials to read a friggin’ map lends credence to the theories of S.C. teen beauty queen Caitlin Upton, who attracted worldwide attention this summer for uncovering a massive Iraqi-South African-Asian map stealing conspiracy.

Way to go, Caitlin!



1. Scott - November 12, 2007

This just reinforces — once again — the truth that these educrats are more interested in preserving the system than in helping children in South Carolina succeed.

2. Believe It Not - November 12, 2007

Sic(k) willie. You and your anti-public-school wackos are perverted.

You scream bloody murder for the taxpayer when you think you can get mileage against a school system. You demand schools enforce rules to “protect the taxpayer.” You know, like “attendance rules.”

And, when schools enforce the “Gestapo” rules you demand to “protect the taxpayer,” you flip like a greasy burger to attack the school system when you see a chance to make them look bad.

Yes, every child deserves a free-public-education. Kids should have a choice of public schools – when capacity permits.

But, your wacko supporters lobbied against it. Now, these little kids (we don’t know what race they are) are suffering because of you.

You should hang your head in shame.

Support Public Education For All Children. Vouchers are a scam.

3. Believe It Not - November 12, 2007

And, scott is an idiot.

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