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Another Week, Another Embarassment November 10, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Sports.



FITSNews – November 10, 2007 – It’s starting to look like the best way to win the Heisman Trophy is to play the South Carolina Gamecocks. A week after allowing Arkansas running back Darren McFadden to romp for 335 yards, South Carolina’s defense fell apart again tonight against Florida and its Heisman candidate Tim Tebow, who ran for a career-high five touchdowns (and threw for another two) en route to a 51-31 Gator victory.

In its last two games, South Carolina’s defense has given up 99 points and 1,188 yards. South Carolina has an “open date” next week, but given the way the Gamecocks (6-5, 3-5 SEC) are surrendering points lately, oddmakers are still putting the over-under at 60.

This one wasn’t even close, as head coach Steve Spurrier lost four in a row for only the second time in his career. Four weeks ago, his team was ranked sixth in the country and boasted a 6-1 record. Today, they’ll be lucky to make it to the Poulan Weedeater Independence Bowl.

We’re not giving up on the Gamecocks, but we were definitely hoping for a little more this year than a return trip to Memphis. Of course at this point, even the lowly Liberty Bowl would be a stretch.



1. caligula - November 11, 2007

Look who’s riding high! The tigers baby! I’m sure the Tigers are going to pulverize the Cock’s!! Haha I hope yall enjoyed your short run while it lasted!!!

2. Believe It Not - November 11, 2007

Vouchers!!! The answer to USC’s football problems is: vouchers!

Tax credit vouchers!! Vouchers would immediately make USC 12-0 and give them the SEC Championship. With vouchers behind them, the Gamecocks would certainly become National Champions.

And, as a side effect, vouchers would cure world hunger, prevent tooth decay and help with sic(k) willie’s monthly bloated feeling.

Just kidding. Vouchers can’t fix world hunger or tooth decay. And, nothing can help willie with his monthly bloated feeling.

But, if there’s a chance vouchers could help the Gamecocks…

Naw, not a chance! Everyone knows that vouchers are a scam.

3. Gamecocks Suck - November 11, 2007

from 6th in the country (ha, ha what a joke) to possibly 6-6.

OOoooo, that has a familiar ring. 666. Ouch. The chicken curse is back after a brief 5 week exodus.

Does this mean that Steve Spurrier is the ANTI-CHRIST?

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