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Fred’s Going Up On Television November 9, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

jeri thompson


FITSNews – November 9, 2007 – Former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson will be up on television in South Carolina starting this coming Monday, November 12, sources are telling FITSNews.

You can watch Thompson’s introductory TV spot on his home page, where it’s already running.

We like the ad alright, but word is Sic Willie is pretty pissed off about it because as it turns out it’s a Fred Thompson ad, not a Jeri Thompson ad. Of course Sic hasn’t voted but one time his whole life (baseball All-Star game???) so who really cares what he thinks.



1. Yahoo - November 10, 2007

I know I am supposed to care, but damn, I am so tired of these pres candidates. The primary season is way to long, and the largest group of phonies known to man are wearing thin.

Will, thanks for the Bar story, and others that matter here in SC. The primary season is a great way to forget that what we do here in SC affects our lives more than listening to blowhards beg for money and give canned speeches.

If u keep leading, our fat ass lazy press might get thier “legs” and actually do some reporting…the sories abound. But a lazy 4th estate allows the crooked ways to continue.

2. Utah - November 10, 2007

If Elected, I Will Have The Hottest First Lady In U.S. History:


3. Believe It Not - November 10, 2007

Who cares? Hill’ry is gonna be the next el’Presidente’. Okay, okay. It’s a “50-50” thing between her and the other zillion democratic candidates.

But, Republicans need to step up. Unless something happens to gel the USA, there will be another Democrat in the White House. Yikes!! 🙂

But, willie, you can always get a job as a “burger flipper” when the blog thing dries up. At least you’ll have health care. 🙂

4. Dave VanHinkel - November 10, 2007

Nice rack!

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