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There’s Two Of Them? November 8, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

hawaiian shirts


FITSNews – November 8, 2007 – He doesn’t have his father’s scraggly beard, infamous reputation or penchant for Magnum P.I.-style Hawaiian shirts, but Rod Shealy, Jr. does have bragging rights over his dad after a Midlands-area bond referendum was defeated 56%-44% earlier this week. Shealy, Jr. advised the “Vote No” campaign, putting him up against his famous father, who was a vocal proponent of the referendum.

The $256.5 million building plan for Lexington-Richland School District 5 was the second bite at the apple for the less-than-forthcoming school district in as many years. In 2005, voters rejected a $230 million referendum by a 67%-33% margin, the only school bond referendum in the state to be defeated that year. In the interest of full disclosure, the “Vote No” campaign in 2005 was advised on a pro bono basis by our very own Sic Willie.

Shealy, Jr., whose resemblance to Shealy, Sr. in appearance and mannerisms is downright disarming, downplayed the victory over his prodigious papa, who in 2006 re-established himself as one of the top political consultants in the state with wins in three intensely-competitive statewide races.

“(Rod Sr.) wasn’t helping the other side,” Shealy, Jr. told FITSNews. “He just strongly supported it, and endorsed it in his newspaper.”

Maybe so, but Shealy Sr.’s individual pull in the area is legendary, and his network of newspapers wields tremendous influence on local politics.

Shealy Sr. told FITSNews that he was merely a “supporter,” not a paid advisor to the pro-referendum forces.

Ultimately, the referendum’s failure once again demonstrates that taxpayers are fed up with soaring education costs and the adverse impact those costs continue to have on their bottom line. Additionally, the fact that the school district appears to have used school district personnel and resources to campaign for the referendum (which is illegal) no doubt soured voters on its legitimacy.



1. gamecocks_suck - November 8, 2007

They are getting closer to getting the money. If they have enough special elections/referendums they will get their money.

What a joke. Education needs more money. My ass.

2. Newspaper Hack - November 8, 2007

District 5 already has one of the highest tax bases in the state. But, as a former District 5 student, I can say that they whole crew up there seems to have their thumbs up their asses. The school I went to, which had extremely low discipline problems, went out of its way to develop new ways to get kids in trouble while not taking the time to invest in textbooks that weren’t already obsolete.

This whole thing is absurd.

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