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Sic Is Busted November 8, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Good Stuff.



FITSNews – November 8, 2007 – One of the worst things about running a website with like eleventy kabillion “unique visits” a day is that one of those eleventy kabillion “unique visitors” happens to be Sic Willie‘s sweet mother, who as far as we know has done nothing to deserve the last 33 years, 42 days, 2 hours and 18 minutes of her life.

Anyway, we can relate to her ongoing adventure in babysitting, because while we were busting our asses all day breaking stories and entertaining millions, all Sic did was sit on his overweight ass and complain that his salad dressing wasn’t low fat. He also refused to take off his Hooters baseball cap even though we told him several times that it was inappropriate to wear around the office. Let alone indoors.

The straw that broke the camel’s back, however, was when Sic rebelled against the notion of showering … tomorrow morning. It’s been at least two days, people. At least. He even whined like a little girl and told us, “I rich I stink if I want.”

So our response to the, um, boss of FITSNews is that we used the new telephoto lenses he just bought us to make sure his mother knows he’s smoking again. See you at the watercooler, jackass!



1. Sup - November 8, 2007

And he’s not a very talented bass player either.

2. blah - November 8, 2007

sic just plays like he was in a band. it is a lie like everything else he says. he never played in a band he just says that to get girls.

3. King Richard - November 8, 2007

He smokes,drinks to much, is FAT and drives a cheap car. someone come up with some good. It has to be there he has a mother.

4. K - November 9, 2007

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BUSTED!!!!!! Are you even trying?????

5. Believe It Not - November 9, 2007

Notice the double chin??

6. FITSNews - November 9, 2007

It’s a “butt chin,” dude. Sic has a butt chin. You can’t even insult people right.

The fact that we make fun of Will Folks better than you do (and it’s your job) has to suck for you.

7. Believe It Not - November 9, 2007

First, making fun of sic(k) willie is not a job. It’s a joy. A pleasure.

And, it’s so easy. sic(k) willie is such a pompous “butt chin.”

Second, we’re not sure what you mean by “butt chin.”

If it suggests a “butt head” or “butt brain” or ” butt breath” then we may accept your correction. See?, we can be reasonable.

Finally, we’re growing more and more disturbed that you censor some of our more “to the point,” accurate, tasteful and “on topic” posts that question your credibility. Inquiring minds, will…

Has anyone registered http://www.idontbelievewillfolks.com yet? 🙂

Maybe some “old guy in Chapin” will. Is he still alive??

How about http://www.willfolksisanass.com? So many possibilities.

Love ya “dude”!!!

8. T - November 9, 2007

“DOH!” I am sorely dissapointed in your return to smoking boy! Are you out of nicorette? I’m making a Sam’s run later….shall I pick some up? Perhaps a call to lifeline might be in order. Get your butt back on track or I’ll send Caleb over to straighten you out!

9. Nat - November 11, 2007

Dude, such a turnoff! Yuck!!!

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