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Some Violence Is Going Down In Pakistan November 5, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in US Politics.

arab violence


FITSNews – November 5, 2007 – In case you didn’t know, we’re quite the international diplomats here at FITSNews. For example, we can tell you without fear of contradiction that the current escalation of Pakistani unrest is a direct consequence of the West’s perpetual misdiagnoses of the political heirarchy of the Pakistani Army in the wake of its acquisition of a nuclear capability, to say nothing of our ongoing failure to grasp the social, economic and geopolitical realities of the 1947 subcontinental partition.

Ouch … sorry, we blacked out there. Were we saying something?

In all honesty, the only thing we know about Pakistan is that there was some British dude on The West Wing named Lord John Marbury who seemed to know an awful lot about it. Well, that and their president really should be on a Pez dispenser, because then we could go up to people with a stopwatch and make them say “I’ve got a Pervez Pez head” five times real fast. And no matter how fast they said it, we’d tell ’em “sorry, that just wasn’t fast enough.”

Anyway, we’ll leave you with the comforting fact that people are currently rioting in the streets of a country that has nuclear weapons and pretty much hates the ever living guts out of America. So yeah, sleep tite …



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