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To The Pain November 4, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Sports.

colts pats 2007


FITSNews – November 4, 2007 – In the most-hyped regular season game in NFL history, the New England Patriots scored twice in the fourth quarter to defeat the defending Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts, preserving their undefeated season and making our founding editor Sic Willie shed many, many man tears … and live up to a difficult promise.

Not surprisingly, the Patriots’ dramatic 24-20 victory was punctuated by their pretty boy quarterback Tom Brady yelling at a referee on the game’s final series and their cheatin’ head coach Bill Belichick acting like a complete asshole during the traditional post-game handshake between coaches.

Fortunately, the Colts will get another shot at these jackasses before the season is over, although in all fairness New England is clearly the best team in the NFL right now. Say what you want about Brady (and we’ll say plenty, believe us), but the guy is money in the bank when the game is on the line.

UPDATE – Sources in Dorchester County tell FITSNews that State Rep. Annette “Scotchy Scotch” Young is currently raising one of what is sure to be several of the single-malt variety tonight in celebration of Sic Willie’s pain and suffering.



1. King Richard - November 4, 2007

Annette is beautiful lifting whatever when it comes to a great forcaster of no football knowledge.

2. Believe It Not - November 5, 2007

Now sic(k) willie, be careful calling someone “Scotchy Scotch” in light of your drinking habits. As we recall, you get mean when you’ve had a “few” too many. We also recall you once shoved someone around, broke furniture and kicked in a door. That ended in your CDV conviction.

If Annette does enjoy the single-malt, we suspect she has the class to appreciate the good stuff. You, on the other hand, would drink dirty dishwater if someone told you it was 80 proof.

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