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It Figures This Freak Is From South Carolina November 1, 2007

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jim callahan


FITSNews – November 1, 2007 – If you’re like us and missed last night’s “Must See TV” show Phenomenon, congratulations. You have a life. Of course there’s one clip from the show that you really, really “must see,” if only for its sheer, unintended comedic value. It involves South Carolina paranormalist Jim Callahan, who somehow managed to become the first person in history to make cake boy magician Criss Angel look like a complete badass (while making NBC look like complete morons and South Carolinians look like complete freaks at the same time).

Anyway, if you’re ready to laugh your ass off at the most blatantly-staged, ridiculously-comical and wildly-homoerotic “magic trick” ever recorded live, go ahead and CLICK HERE. Pay particularly close attention to the fake hyperventilating and girly hissy fit this guy throws at the end of his “performance.”

Honestly, the producers of this gay ass show should have just let these two sissies fight it out because if science has proven anything, it’s that girly slaps never hurt anybody. These two Nancies are seriously about as intimidating as our stuffed animal collection, or the balloons they drop from the ceiling at political conventions. And while both Callahan and Angel are certifiably insane, we’ve seen stationary throw pillows at Bed, Bath & Beyond that frighten us more than they do.



1. Ralph - November 1, 2007

Like most of the media in SC, u missed the BIG story here…and that is Raven, or shall I call her by her new name, Oxen. What the f…she has clearly been flying on the BBQ express and appears to be wearing the drapes from the old BBQ shack in Pelion.

Damn, man…the fags tussling over a magic trick is not nearly as entertaining as a Ox in a MoMO shorty that can talk and guard a box…all on live TV!

2. Fidel Castro - November 1, 2007

Perhaps if he had a decent school to attend, he could have figured out how to act for real… or maybe get a real job.

well, he can sucker tourists in Charleston, I guess. It keeps them coming and paying my taxes.

3. Mike - November 2, 2007

I’d like to hear your response to this

4. gamecocks suck - November 2, 2007

You hit that on the nail. That is one gay performance. We really have a way of putting freaks in the spotlight.

5. truthseeker - November 2, 2007

As someone who can spot the next great thing, I think these girlie guys should gain some weight, and start off the S.C. Gay Wrastling League- occasionally they could get a national republican senator to drop in for a
special show too.

6. Palmetto Pulse - November 2, 2007

His wife was my teacher in high school. He used to be Jim Callahan the carpet cleaner guy! WOW! I thought Criss was going to beat his A@&!

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