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Beaufort Stew? November 1, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

ceips pom poms


FITSNews – November 1, 2007 – The worst thing about State Sen. Catherine Ceips – aside from the fact that sponsoring anti-Dixie Chicks legislation appears to be her definition of moving South Carolina forward – is that she doesn’t really do much of anything. Unlike the vast majority of hard-working female elected officials in South Carolina (Gilda Cobb-Hunter, Nikki Haley, Shirley Hinson – even the hated Annette Young), women who roll up their sleeves and as a result get taken seriously in Columbia, Ceips has always been an annoying clinger, a yappy hanger-on in the corridors of power.

Sure, last year we stuck up for Catherine (and State Rep. Wallace Scarborough, for that matter) when the news of an alleged affair between the two Republicans began hitting the papers in Columbia, but just because we thought Ceips was the victim of an unfair media feeding frenzy doesn’t mean we think she’s a capable legislator.

In fact, she’s anything but, sponsoring ridiculous legislation and recently earning the third-worst pro-business rating of any Republican member of the House. And unlike truly powerful female legislators (such as those mentioned earlier), she’s always the first to play the “gender card” whenever somebody says something about her she doesn’t like.

All of which is why it didn’t surprise us in the least to read this post from Earl Capps earlier today about the plentiful problems Ceips is facing in her Beaufort County backyard.

From Capps’ story:

Sources close to the Blogland report that several people are considering running against Senator Ceips, including:

*Tom Davis, Governor Sanford’s Chief of Staff,
*Weston Newton, who lost in a close GOP run-off for the Senate to Ceips in the spring, and
*Tom Taylor, who ran a strong third place in the special GOP primary.

To add to this, some Hilton Head politicos are reportedly working to find another challenger, even though it’s hard to imagine where a fifth candidate could fit into a race like this.

Ceips won her special election to the Senate handily after a tough primary fight, but according to Mr. Capps her popularity among Republicans has plummeted since she backed the losing Marsh Tacky, er, “horse” in the race to fill her vacant seat in the House of Representatives.

That contest, which pitted Ceips’ supporter Randy Bates against eventual victor Shannon Erickson, was especially bitter, featuring several phoney phone calls of a racist nature directed against Erickson’s campaign.

Ceips initially pledged to stay out of the race to fill her seat, but then decided at the last minute to endorse Bates in a now infamous pom-pom waving incident (pictured above).

According to Mr. Capps, the blood in Beaufort is still bad:

Erickson’s supporters haven’t forgiven Ceips’ support of Randy Bates … (and) given that Erickson represents many of the areas which were key to Ceips’ run-off victory, those disgruntled Erickson supporters could inflict serious damage upon Ceips’ re-election prospects.

Like our friend Earl, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this potential Lowcountry showdown …



1. anon. - November 1, 2007

Great coverage Mr. Folks. The people of Beaufort County have more pressing issues than the Dixie Chicks.

Like keeping their word for starters.

2. Fred - November 2, 2007

We should have elected greg graziani, maybe he’ll run again

3. Ethel Krabitz - November 2, 2007

Stick a fork in her. Ceips is DONE in Beaufort. Bring on Tom Davis!

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