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S.C. Leads The Nation In “Dropout Factories” October 30, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.



FITSNews – October 30, 2007 – When it comes to sending our kids’ futures “up in smoke,” no state is doing a better job than South Carolina. According to a new report released yesterday, South Carolina leads the nation in its percentage of “Dropout Factories,” or high schools that graduate less than 60% of their incoming freshmen. Of course, this news shouldn’t be all that surprising considering our state has the lowest graduation rate in the entire country and ranks 49th nationally in both SAT and ACT scores.

There is good news, though, as the ranking did provide S.C. Department of Education spokesman Jim Foster with yet another opportunity to make our state proud in the Washington Post:

“Part of the problem we’ve had here is we live in a state that culturally and traditionally has not valued a high school education,” Foster said.

Wow. If that isn’t selling the greatness of South Carolina, we don’t know what is.

What’s saddest about this story is that after blowing through the last billion dollars in new money that we gave them, Foster and his boss Jim Rex will probably get another extra billion (and maybe more) over the next four years to continue completely and totally sucking ass. And PR firms like Chernoff Newman will continue to rake in millions of dollars from the education establishment to tell us that school choice is the devil and that anyone who supports it must be on the payroll of a bunch of elitist, carpetbagging libertarians.

In fact, we anticipate some comments along those very lines right about now …



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2. Believe It Not - October 30, 2007

sic(ko) willie, your pimping for the voucher scam is very stale.

You regurgitate the same SCRG rhetoric over and over and continue to refuse to acknowledge the real problems facing education in S.C.

Remember the real problems? Here’s a test. See how you do. Circle the three that are the real problems facing education in S.C.

** Hints are provided.

1) *Poverty*
2) *Latent Racism*
3) *Social Issues* Beyond Your Understanding
4) Tooth Decay
5) Low Water in Lake Lanier
6) Global Warming

How’d you do?

Bet you missed them all! The correct answers are 1, 2, 3. Vouchers do nothing to address those. Vouchers are nothing but a scam.

Carpetbagger money does cloud your mind. Make sure you report it on all on your taxes. They audit! We’ll make sure they audit. 🙂

And, remember, 99% of political consultants make the rest look bad.

3. gamecocks_suck - October 30, 2007

Do we measure our drop-outs the same way as other states? I know from experience there are 50 different ways to measure the same performance among states.

So I ask, do we do it differently than KY, GA, NC, SD etc? I know we measure our drop-outs by 9th graders who finish the 12th grade on time. Are there other ways to measure this statistic?

I’m just asking.

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