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How The Little Digger Rolls October 30, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

leatherman ride


FITSNews – October 30, 2007 – If you’re new to South Carolina politics, then this post probably won’t make a whole lot of sense to you. You’d have no way of knowing, for example, that we basically have a curmudgeony Lilliputian who runs state government, or that he’s basically a Communist. You probably also wouldn’t get any “short jokes” we may or may not be getting ready to make about Sen. Hugh Leatherman and his brand new Mercedes Benz S 550.

For example, did the car’s $104,175.00 MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) include this baby booster, or did the Senator have to pay extra for it?

Honestly, we went to the S.C. State House today on official business (covering the Joint Legislative Committee on Government Accountability and Oversight’s hearing on the Government Efficiency and Accountability Review Committee report -whew!), but since that sh*t was like watching paint dry, we proudly present these snapshots of the Little Digger’s new ride. Journalism, ta da!

leatherman ride3 leatherman ride front leatherman ride2

UPDATEFITSNews will have a full report on the mouthful of a meeting we attended today (including excerpts from an exclusive interview with Senate President Glenn McConnell) coming soon …



1. Motoring Man - October 30, 2007

The Little General send tons of loot back to Florence but spent his wad in Columbia @ Dick Dyer. Perhaps,just perhaps he does not realize he represents the fine employees of a Mercedes-Benz dealership right in his own backyard(Newsome Automotive).

2. Believe It Not - October 30, 2007

Hey, sic(k) willie! If you’re going to make “short” jokes about Hugh, can we make fun of the moles on your face? Or are those warts?

3. What? - October 31, 2007

It all comes back to who’s bull is being gored.

4. truthseeker - October 31, 2007

I didn’t think we paid our elected officials our public servants- enough money to drive a luxurious, fancy 100K Mercedes. You do not see many of those types of automobiles in the public school teacher’s parking lots.

5. mike reino - October 31, 2007

Hughie’s income is a hodgepodge of private and public cashish. He drops a lot of concrete all over SC, some of it on state roads paid by state tax dollars. Since the bids are ok’d by the DOT Commission, one has to think that losing his son-in-law from there ticked him off immensely.

Having worked at Newsome, I think I did see him window shop for a ride….. Dyer must have made a better deal for him.

6. Scott - November 1, 2007

Those of us in Columbia appreciate Hugh buying his car here rather than in Florence.

After all, Florence County got so much money from Hugh’s private cash stash (competitive grants program) that it was nice for him to throw some toward us poor folk in Columbia.

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