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Justin Bringing Sexyfront October 29, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in Pop Culture.



FITSNews – October 29, 2007 – We’ve always thought that Justin Timberlake was a no-talent wigger, but for some reason millions of women (including a lot of famous ones) worship the ground he walks on. They even think he’s some sort of Oscar-worthy actor after his appearance in the movie Alpha Dog, in which he basically says “yo,” “word,” and “dawg” a lot.

Anyway, if the picture above is to be believed, Timberlake’s key to success with the A-list kitty may be that he has somehow managed to avoid the dreaded “Boy Band No Penis Curse.”

Either that or there was a tube sock sale in Beverly Hills nobody told us about. So … who’s up for doing a little digging on this story?



1. King Richard - October 30, 2007

Funny is one thing. (TRASH IS ANOTHER.)

2. Fidel Castro - October 30, 2007

Just looks like he was trying to give her his “d**k in a box”

3. Crooner - October 31, 2007

Boy’s got talent. As much as I hate to acknowledge that…

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