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Brady Bunch Update October 29, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

joan and emily


FITSNews – October 29, 2007 – The evolution of GOP Rep. Joan Brady on the school choice issue reminds us a lot of that song by the Steve Miller Band, “Take the Money and Run.”

Back in 2004, Brady defeated school choice opponent Susan Brill in a state House primary race thanks in large part to thousands of dollars from All Children Matter, a pro-school choice group based in Michigan.

Since her election, however, Brady has become one of a handful of Republicans to join with Democrats in consistently opposing school choice.

Last week, FITSNews learned that Rep. Brady’s daughter, Emily Brady, has accepted a position with Columbia-based Chernoff-Newman, the left-leaning public relations firm that has led the anti-school choice communications effort in South Carolina under the revolving-mantras “Beware the Wolf” and “Choose Children First.”

Hmmmm …



1. Carolina Observer - October 29, 2007

if they are as “left leaning” as you say, why did they help and continue to support the SC Civil Justice group…wouldn’t that be going against their own?

2. What? - October 29, 2007

Because they are a marketing firm not a lobbying firm. That’s why this post means nothing. Just trying to throw stones on the school choice issue by making something appear newsworthy that’s not.

3. Some one who cares - October 29, 2007

I wonder how you reach that same conclusion Will…. after all this is the VERY SAME firm that hired Jenny Sanford’s ex-Chief of Staff for a similar position. My guess (and I don’t know) would be that Jenny’s for school choice….

4. FITSNews - October 29, 2007

Does Jenny Sanford vote? Did we miss that somewhere?

5. Believe It Not - October 29, 2007

What “you people” seem to forget is sic(k) willie is nothing but an average run of the mill ‘pimp’ for the voucher scam.

We all know how much integrity pimps have. Most pimps will tell you they’re a pimp. Will won’t even admit that he’s a pimp. And, he pimps for others. Or, tries to. But, he won’t admit it.

The first step in recovery for a pimp is admitting that you have a problem. Will, try this: “Hi, my name is Will, and I am a pimp.”

We will continue to try to help sic(k) will recognize and deal with his problem.

6. Some one who cares - October 30, 2007

Aaaaawwww now don’t act like you don’t get it Will. I know public relations isn’t now nor was it ever your strong suit.

The point is simple frims like Chernoff hire folks based on who they know. Like the ex-chief of staff or the Rep’s daughter. Your suggestion that they hire only “one side” of a debate b/c they happened to have BEEN hired tp represent some one is what’s so austounding. In the world of advocacy you just can’t base what person really thinks on who they work for. Do you think Richard Davis, Lary Marchant, Fred Allen or any of th other top tier guys believe in everything their clients want?

So simply put, no, Jenny Sanford doesn’t vote but you know as well as I do that’s not the point.

Come on Will, your a smart guy.

7. Ralph - October 30, 2007

Jenny Sanford had/has a chief of staff? What the heck!

Does she still have one?

Who pays?

8. FITSNews - October 30, 2007


You think calling Sic Willie a pimp is somehow an insult? In today’s vernacular, “pimp” is synomymous with style, wealth and sexiness.

Additionally, there are plenty of pimps with rigid ethical codes, for example “Fly Guy” from the cult classic “I’m Gonna Git U Sucka.” Heart of gold, people, heart of gold.

Frankly, if forced to choose between the morality of the typical American politician and a pimp, we’d go with pimps – if for no other reason than they’re not trying to pass themselves off as something they’re not.


9. Big Daddy Kane - October 30, 2007

Now, everyone knows that pimpin’ ain’t easy.

Play on, playa…play on.

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