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Tragedy Strikes South Carolina College Students October 28, 2007

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nc fire


FITSNews – October 28, 2007 – Six University of South Carolina students and one Clemson University student were killed when an early-morning fire consumed a waterfront vacation home in Ocean Isle Beach, N.C., this morning. Six more students from USC were injured in the blaze, but all of them have thankfully been treated and released from an area hospital. The cause of the fire was not immediately known. From news reports:

The fire struck sometime before 7 a.m. and burned completely through the first and second floors, leaving only part of the frame standing. The waterfront home — named “Changing Channels” — was built on stilts, forcing firefighters to climb a ladder onto the house’s deck to reach the first living floor.

This is the second time this year that a fire claiming multiple lives has affected the Palmetto State. In June, nine Charleston firefighters perished when the roof of a burning furniture warehouse collapsed on them while they were inside fighting the blaze.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of today’s victims, as well as to the University of South Carolina and Clemson families.



1. Queen Annette - October 28, 2007

Will, we heard all they needed was someone to kick in the door. Surely you could’ve helped with that.

2. Wallace - October 29, 2007

May God have mercy on their souls, and relieve the burdens of pain that lay upon the hearts of those left behind.

Life is short. Events like this should give us perspective.

3. VN - October 29, 2007

House belonged to a USC Board Member & State Rep. Jay Lucas. The USC Board Member s daughter survived she broke both leg from jumping out of house

4. VN - October 29, 2007

Jay Lucas law partner

5. Weasybelle - October 29, 2007

Queen Annette – totally crass of you given this tragic situation.

6. Blossom S. Bridges - October 29, 2007


Can’t we all be serious for, like, half a second, and actually try to act like we almost care about families affected by this tragedy?

Seriously, you’re one heck of a low-life…

7. Adam Fogle - October 29, 2007

Queen Annette, whoever you are, that was a horrible thing to say and you should be ashamed. Seven people lost their lives yesterday and there are a lot of people who were affected by that. This is the last thing anyone should be joking about, especially an anonymous coward.

8. FITSNews - October 29, 2007


There are plenty of opportunities to say what you said, but bringing something like this up on a post that sought only to inform people of a tragedy and express sympathy to those who lost loved ones is pretty sad.


9. Motoring Man - October 29, 2007


House belongs to Chip Aumen and his family,Not Gene Warr or Rep. Jay Lucas.Try to get your facts first!

10. PeeDeePride - October 29, 2007

Motoring Man – correct regarding ownership of the residence.
Queen Annette – I certainly hope that I do not know you. Although I may be a bitter soul at times, it is downright disgusting that you could make light of a situation involving the death of seven kids attending our state schools.

11. Earl Capps - October 29, 2007

Why is ownership of the house relevant to this discussion?

It’s not possible that QA is some who is bitter for past commentary, is it?

12. Josh - October 29, 2007

“Why is ownership of the house relevant to this discussion?”

Because its about the affluent, and affluent people want more people to read about beach house ownership than they do about the well-being of the kids. It’s called greed, capitalism, arrogance and the trappings of living off grandfathers inheritance.

13. E - October 29, 2007

Who cares who Queen Annette is… anyone who makes a comment like that clearly just wants attention and that is what all the commentary (includint mine) is giving him or her.

14. King Richard - October 29, 2007

We dont care who owns this house or how wealthy they are. lets pray that nothing like this happens to our own. and pray for the families involved.

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