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The Stress Vote October 26, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in US Politics.



FITSNews – October 26, 2007 – While we can’t speak for Sic Willie, the rest of us here at FITSNews aren’t dumbasses. Jerks? Yes. Smartasses? You betcha. Lesbian perverts? Maybe just a little bit.

But when we float our theories about how the American electorate is increasingly receptive to fiscal conservative appeals (and decreasingly interested in hearing a bunch of social conservative nonsense), we know what we’re talking about. And even though a recent Harris Interactive poll about “Stress in America” didn’t specifically ask that “fiscal v. social” question, its results should give any halfway perceptive politician a clear and unamiguous answer.

Glaringly self-evident as it seems, the number one cause of stress in America is money, or people’s lack thereof – specifically as money relates to things like mortgages, which 51% of respondents said stressed them out.

Based on that information, it seems to us like a pretty compelling case could be made that candidates at all levels of government should start focusing on reforms that would make family budgeting a little easier – things like tax cuts, government revenue caps (with automatic taxpayer rebates) or tax credits for education, for example.

Of course most candidates aren’t doing that, which is one reason Congressional approval ratings are at an all time low and nobody seems particulary thrilled about the current crop of presidential wanna-bes.

Even in South Carolina, which ain’t exactly the brightest bulb in North America, the last five years have seen more and more people wake up to the realization that their big-spending, Bible-thumping leaders aren’t exactly getting the job done.

As Sic Willie recently told Harpers Magazine:

People are increasingly worried about their bottom line and a little less worried about things like stem cell research. Where a candidate stands on stem cell research isn’t going to bring a single job to South Carolina. The heightened focus on pocketbook issues isn’t surprising in a state that ranks so poorly in terms of individual income and employment.

We’re one of the poorest states in the country and by and large recent economic expansions have passed us by. People are starting to think, we’ve been eating this conservative red meat for years but what has it done for our family budget?

Anybody hear an echo?

The popular misconception is that Republicans lost the 2006 election because of the War in Iraq. They didn’t. They lost because 40% of voters in swing districts polled after the ballots had been cast said they believed the GOP was the “party of big government.”

And they were right.

Just like Alan Greenspan was right when he pointed out last month that Republicans “swapped principle for power” with all their wasteful spending, and “deserved to lose” the 2006 elections as a result.

Even Mitt Romney – who is clearly our least favorite of all the candidates for president (from either party) – understands this fundamental dynamic quite well, as his recent TV ad urging Republicans to “start acting like Republicans” clearly demonstrates.

For half a second, Romney quit pandering to people on a bunch of social conservative issues that he’s totally flip-flopped on and started speaking to them a language they understand … and care about. And it worked, as his poll numbers have started going up since those ads started running.

Again, this stuff isn’t rocket science. People are stressed about money. They want more of it, and more jobs to choose from in their quest to get it.

And they’re fed up with all the politicians who keep standing in their way.



1. Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) - October 26, 2007

Will, it’s certainly possible to be a fiscal AND social conservative. The Republican Party will probably never win the presidency again if they disavow social conservatism.

PS “Mitt Romney – who is clearly our least favorite of all the candidates for president (from either party” = You’d vote for Hillary over Romney?

2. Gillon - October 26, 2007

You wanna get the American people to focus and worry less about economic matters and concentrate more on other issues–foreign policy for example. Start drafting their sons ,husbands, and fathers into the military to fight a stupid, unwinnable war and make them sacrifice financially to pay for the war by raising taxes instead of borrowing and passing the debt on to future generations. Then they might care a little less about what kind of car they drive or the size of the house that they live in and think more about their country instead of themselves.

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