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The Less Popular Bloggers Are Whining October 26, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in The Press.

brad warthen unabomber


FITSNews – October 26, 2007 – Since we never seem to find the time to read Brad Warthen’s corporate-sponsored “blogging” (or the appropriately-titled Not Very Bright, for that matter), we had no idea until today that these two left-leaners were talkin’ some serious smack about the FITS gals’ prodigious web traffic … a week ago.

Specifically, Warthen seems unable to accept that our little exercise in irreverence gets about five times the hits that his daily snoozefest receives – and does so without the benefit of perpetual self-promotion in South Carolina’s largest newspaper.

So how do we do it? Well, first of all we don’t look like the Unabomber. Second of all, we don’t write a bunch of stuff that nobody cares about. Third of all, in addition to getting beaucoup national press on a regular basis, our founding editor Sic Willie had the temerity and foresight to put Vanessa Hudgens on the website last month … which is almost as good for hits as making fun of Ron Paul supporters.

To put it another way, unlike when he whines about us, it probably won’t take Brad a whole week to figure out we’re owning him here today … again.

UPDATE – For more helpful hints, check out the thoughtful expose, “Why We Kick All The Other Blogs’ Asses.” Oh, and “you’re welcome” in advance for the Scarlett Johansson pic.



1. Joyce - October 26, 2007

The State newspaper seems to float along in its monopolistic fog not knowing what goes on around them. News that their best reporter is leaving only reinforces the conclusion that the paper is populated by aloof but talentless buffoons.
The waste fraud and abuse in ALL areas of government could, effectively presented by the State, shake this state to its foundation and would have the people (not just our Libertarian governor) screaming for change. But no…we get the same pabulum day after day after day.
More than anything else, we need a 4th estate that is aggressive and determine not just too drone on about topics the public has tired of, but about the always interesting and slightly melodramatic investigate reporting that shows taxpayer money being stolen, wasted and misspent. A paper not too lazy to sit outside of state agencies and prove that highly paid employees rarely come to work, and not believe the “tales” that the likes of Mark Sanford’s staff spins daily.
But alas, with a lazy press and a dunk or sleeping Democratic Party…SC has a government that is liberal, wasteful and disdainful of the public…yet people outside this state look to us as a conservative state.
As they say…you just can’t make this stuff up.

This is why people read Will…we don;t have a choice. So thanks Will…keep it up.

2. No lithium today please - October 26, 2007

I thought all the traffic here was for the links to Wil’s spread in Blueboy that the Log Cabin guys have been gushing about…

3. Earl Capps - October 26, 2007

I think the generous display of hooters helps as well, for the Al Bundy crowd.

4. Mary Rosh - October 27, 2007

In some interview he did with Cindy Ross Scope, Warthen told her the total number of hits he gets, and says that the number of UNIQUE hits is “somewhat lower”. So I suppose this 1200 figure he gives is not unique hits. What I want to know is, how many of his hits is just him refreshing his own page over and over.

5. Gordon Hirsch - October 27, 2007

OK, Will. We all know about Brad and his slug-like corporate employer (sitting ducks for witty guys like you), but at least he’s not hiding behind some sophmoric persona like Sic Willie. We know a bunch about him as a person, and who’s paying his bills, because its “transparent” — and he gives it up every day, sometimes more than we want or need to know.

Tell us about yourself and FITSNews. Who pays your bills? Who’s underwriting your self-described megalomaniac Spring ’08 launch? You’re certainly not covering that nut (or your own) with commercial advertisers, at least not judging by this site. If political consulting is your bread and butter, is FITSNews and extension of your service to clients?

Do you accept financial “contributions?” Do they come from political sources or just “concerned citizens?” How did you get to be a Sanford syncophant? Are you one of those aw-schucks, academy-bred SC bluebloods, shuffling around in penny loafers, khakis and oxford cloth, with a trust fund in your back pocket? (I see a button-down under that USC hat). Or did you just boot-strap it into their company washing cars behind the State House on weekends? Did you hang out with Tom Ravenel after hours while working on his campaign? How late? Do you miss Meredith? Do you still give her “story ideas?” What’s it like to ride in a limousine? C’mon, tell us something personal and leave Sic Willy out of it.

Don’t get me wrong. I love your satire, irreverance and (especially) the substance of your occasional news breaks (who feeds those to you and what is their agenda?). And I know you must have grown a thick skin working for Sanford, so you won’t take any of this personally. But it would put you on equal footing with Brad to fill us in on everything. Full disclosure, as they say. And, yes, I did read your “about us” and “sic willie” sections. They really don’t say much when you take out the cutesy stuff. Give us the real scoop, and don’t be glib about it, if that’s even possible.

Me? I’m a former journalist turned capitalist in 1993. Had to give up my news habit to put the kids through college. I’m even using my real name.

6. Will Folks - October 27, 2007

Mr. Hirsch,

I appreciate your comment and your questions. I’ve started to get quite a few of them as FITSNews has grown in popularity, and I understand that’s just something that comes with the territory. People who disagree with the opinions expressed on this site (particularly those who feel the wrath of its “poison pen” from time to time) seem to be stepping up their efforts to discredit it, and far from taking that personally, I recognize that FITSNews’ success involves people coming after me and my “credibility” on a personal level.

That’s fine with me … first because I’ve got nothing to hide, and second because when you go through some of the things I’ve been through, you realize that the only definition of “credibility” that really matters is the one held by your friends and family. Beyond that, people are going to say what they’re going to say, and if I’ve learned anything in politics it’s that facts and truth don’t matter when you’re dealing with somebody who’s already made up their mind.

As for my personal finances, I wouldn’t call it a trust fund, necessarily, but it’s safe to say I’ve never hurt for cash. That’s how I could afford to play in a band as my primary “job” for two-and-a-half years after graduate school, how I could afford to work for $14,400/year on Gov. Mark Sanford’s campaign, and how I could afford to take a $26,000 pay cut from the previous press secretary’s salary during my first year in the Governor’s Office.

It’s also how I could afford to work two local races free of charge recently, and how I can afford to sit around all day and edit this website without really worrying whether I’ve got any clients or not.

As for the political clients I do have (or have worked for in the past), you’re free to go down to the State Ethics Commission and print off the disclosures for yourself.

Over the past two years, I’ve been accused of working for John McCain, then Rudy Giuliani, then Fred Thompson, and now John McCain again. I’ve also been accused of working for Karen Floyd, for Jim Rex (by Karen Floyd), for SCRG, for the Civil Justice Coalition … you name it. None of those rumors are true, but people are going to believe what they want to believe, especially if it helps them explain away the things I write.

Of course, they do so at the risk of looking pretty stupid …


… and rest assured I’ve got some pretty good lawyers in case I feel a false accusation crosses the line.

As for being a “Sanford sycophant,” I would challenge you to find any website that’s been as tough on the governor as this one has. Like any politician, when he steps up for things we believe in, we praise him – when he doesn’t, we cut his ass.

As for my friend Thomas Ravenel, I did hang out with him after hours, and as I’ve written here and told reporters on numerous occasions, I never personally witnessed anything resembling the kind of behavior he has pled guilty to engaging in. And while others may view him as a punch line, I still view him as a friend and someone who will always have my full support as well as my thoughts and prayers.

Do I miss Meredith? No, although I do miss that period of my life. Haven’t spoken to her in years, though, so “no,” I don’t still send her story ideas.

What’s it like riding in a limousine? It’s fun. Not as fun as skimming the marsh in an MD 520N, but fun.

As for the stories FITSNews is fed, they come from sources as diverse as our content (Dems, Repubs, Liberals, Conservatives etc.), although the fact that the website endorses certain viewpoints is pretty obvious. Whether you accept those viewpoints or not is up to you, but I’ve never claimed to be lacking in opinions – just ask my mother. I popped out with an attitude, and plan to be buried with one as well.

Hopefully I’ve covered all your questions, but if you have any more feel free to call or e-mail and I’m happy to discuss them w/ you …


7. Gordon Hirsch - October 27, 2007


Good stuff. Thank you for filling us in more completely.

For what it’s worth, more of this kind of openness could go a long way, especially as your popularity grows. I know people are drawn to the humor, but judging by your response, you don’t need to hide behind it all the time. I honestly didn’t know the answers to any of these questions, but they seemed a good starting point, based on what you had volunteered about yourself elsewere. People like to know who’s behind the mask.

Lastly, in matters of the pocket book, you apparently are privileged. Not many of us know what that is like. If you don’t plan on giving it all away anytime soon, you might write about it. I’ve always been curious.


8. Will, Never thought I'd see the day - October 27, 2007

“and rest assured I’ve got some pretty good lawyers in case I feel a false accusation crosses the line”



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