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State’s Top Political Reporter Headed To Hot-lanta October 25, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in The Press.



FITSNews – October 25, 2007 – For all the grief we give his anally-P.C. commie bosses at La Socialista (a.k.a. The (Columbia) State newspaper), we’ve always considered political reporter Aaron Gould Sheinin to be one hell of a journalist … not to mention a trustworthy friend. Tough, talented and universally-respected by politicos on both sides of the aisle, the former obituary writer and newspaper delivery boy has been a fixture in state politics for the past decade, breaking dozens of major stories and firmly establishing himself as one of the most feared (and fearless) political reporters in the Southeast.

Yesterday, Sheinin told FITSNews that he’s leaving the Palmetto State later this year to take a position with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a move destined to create a gaping hole in South Carolina’s “Fourth Estate.”

“Aaron’s departure from the capitol press corps leaves a void that will be hard to fill,” Senate President Pro Tempore Glenn McConnell told us. “He was dogged in his journalistic pursuits and his quest for the truth, but he was also fair in how he covered a story. Unfortunately, that is a trait that is all too rare. There could be no better testament to his character and service at the State House other than that he was respected, liked, and will be missed.”

True that. Ever the jokester (and baseball enthusiast), Sheinin chose to quote from the classic film Bull Durham to mark the occasion of his call-up to the journalistic big leagues.

“In the immortal words of Nuke Lalouche, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes it rains. Think about it.”

We wish Aaron and his family all the best in the big city … if anybody’s earned the call-up, it’s him.



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2. Motoring Man - October 25, 2007

“Only the good die young” does not apply to Journalists, for them the good get better jobs and move to other places. AGS deserves the prize! Of course this theory means Bolton,Warthen and Scoppe will be around “The State” for a long time. Godspeed my friend!

3. PI Resident - October 25, 2007

Said it before and been jumped on by Will so I will say it again. My opinion is Sheinin is a poor excuse of a reporter. I thought that when he “reported” at the Coastal Disturber in Georgetown a few years back. His bias was rather apparent.

4. Bob Dalton - October 25, 2007

Aaron who? LOL

The only real surprise is that he didn’t land at a larger paper sooner — but I’ll bet that was out of choice rather than a lack of offers. Aaron is a talented reporter, an excellent writer and a genuinely nice guy. I wish him well.

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