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More Beattygate Shiestering October 24, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

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FITSNews – October 24, 2007 – We’ve known that Dorchester County was a political cesspool ever since the Beattygate scandal rocked South Carolina politics earlier this year, but the corrupt little Lowcountry clique of State Treasurer Converse Chellis and former House Majority Leader Annette Young is at it again. This time the Dorchester Mob Squad is pressuring a bunch of local trial lawyers to support their hand-picked State House candidate, realtor Jenny Horne, saying that their “livelihoods are at stake.”

In an e-mail to the Dorchester Bar Association obtained exclusively by FITSNews, Treasurer Chellis’ brother James, who is angling to receive a S.C. Circuit Court judgeship per the Beattygate scandal, tells his lawyer buddies to “Pledge your support to Jenny Horne … Pledge that you will ask your clients and friends to vote for her! Please. Our livelihoods are at stake. Let me here from you that you will undertake these pledges.”

Their livelihoods are at stake? Jeez. Aside from using the ostensibly non-political local bar association to spread their political messages, God forbid that a bunch of rich, Democrat-leaning trial lawyers backed by a corrupt syndicate of rich, Democrat-leaning politicians have to miss a friggin’ meal, or at least have to start eating farmed caviar as opposed to the more expensive naturally-occuring variety.

Horne is facing former State Rep. Heyward Hutson for the S.C. State House seat formerly held by the original Sock Puppet Converse Chellis himself, with voters scheduled to go to the polls this coming Tuesday, October 30.



1. Give Me FITS - October 24, 2007

“Let me here from you that you will undertake these pledges.”

Please, please tell me that is a misprint…and that someone who is supposedly interested in being a Circuit Court Judge in this state knows the difference between “hear” and “here.”

Please…for the love of all that is decent….

2. jcristg - October 24, 2007

if not the 4th grade, didn’t law school teach him when to use the word here, and when to use the word hear?

3. Ryan Castle - October 24, 2007

The race is even better as the Democrat David Mays has dropped out after it was discovered he’s late on child support payments.
Dorchester County is full of dirty politics and people backing Hutson and Horne have both been pulling tricks this election.

4. Believe It Not - October 24, 2007

sic(k) will, you’re so full of yourself. Beatty is a respected Judge who is now on the highest State Court in S.C. And, what are you?

A professional blogger. How does that look on your resume?

Blogger!?! The blogger who brought us the midlands elected official with a Strom problem. The blogger who brought us the guvernor’s problem over the little black girl. The blogger who investigated the guvernor’s laptop computer. Yawn. The blogger who “almost” got some secret list from some unknown persons in a bar. Zzzzzz.

By the way, everyone knows that a blogger in a bar who claims he was only drinking sarsaparilla can not be trusted on anything.

5. HD - October 25, 2007

Why no link to the e-mail? What is it that the trial lawyers fear about Hutson? I served with Heyward during his first stint in the House and found him to be a pretty genuine conservative type Rep.

6. FITSNews - October 25, 2007


Actually, it’s no misprint. And the first sentence of the e-mail reads “I would like each of you Pledge your support to Jenny Horne.”

It’s one grade above Rick Beltram’s work.


7. ron turner - October 25, 2007

To: give me fits
From: Ron Turner, Summerville

That was no misprint. I saw the email.

8. ron turner - October 25, 2007

To: Ryan Castle, The Summerville Journal
From: Ron Turner, Summerville

Ryan, if phone banking and knocking on doors is dirty politics, then Heyward Hutson is guilty. Otherwise, if you can’t be specific, you’re “out of line”.


9. west_rhino - October 25, 2007

“Their livelihoods are at stake?” Sounds like aspects of the Riley reich in Chucktown, when the Broad Street lawyers demanded a courthouse within walking distance of their offices, rather than in North Charleston, where the temporary facilites were post Hugo.

Oddly, despite howls of protest that Charleston lawyers would die of starvation if they had to pay for parking in the uncivilized wilds of North Charleston, not one is known to have starved to death during the years they had to soil themselves by travelling past the Adult oriented businesses that were forced to move from downtown Charleston to the “neck area”.

10. Ryan Castle - October 25, 2007

Heyward hasn’t pulled them, neither has Jenny. Certain supporters of each campaign have.

11. Minto Witherspoon McGill - October 30, 2007

Will – it wasn’t the trial lawyers that Judicial Candidate Chellis was shilling for, it was the real estate lawyers. Hudson is strongly managed-growth and Horne is a realtor. That’s what Judicial Candidate Chellis meant when he stated that “our livelihoods were at stake” And of course, Judicial Candidate is entitled to his opinion. He is not, however, entitled to SHARE his opinion. Canon 5 of the Rules of Judicial Ethics plainly prohibits a judicial candidate from supporting or opposing a candidate for office. Oops.

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