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Bayou Bobby October 21, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in US Politics.

bobby jindal


FITSNews – October 21, 2007 – The fact that Louisiana Congressman Bobby Jindal is the first Indian-American ever elected governor (of any state) is pretty cool, but last night’s landslide victory for the fiscally conservative, pro-school choice Republican is notable for another reason … specifically, the Louisiana voters who elected him declined to be “dumbed-down.”

In addition to being attacked for his Indian heritage and his hard-edged conservatism, Jindal – a Brown and Oxford-educated Rhodes Scholar – was also targeted for … being smart?

That’s right. As Jindal’s lead mounted in the polls in recent weeks, businessman John Georges (who ran as an independent in Louisiana’s open gubernatorial primary last night) sought to capitalize on Bayou voters’ history of electing small-town rubes by telling them, “John Georges is not an intellectual.”

Fortunately, Georges’ “I’m dumb, vote for me” message failed to resonate in a state that is still struggling in the wake of big government’s epic collapse following Hurricane Katrina two years ago.



1. Silence Dogood - October 21, 2007

FITS I think he was the youngest person ever elected governor to boot (35-36?)

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