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We’re Like, Influential … Or Something October 19, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries, SC Politics.

abbey road


FITSNews – October 18, 2007 – If you’ve never listened to the song “A Day In The Life” by The Beatles, you probably won’t get the whole “Albert Hall” reference. Which is fine, because the point of this article isn’t figuring out how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall, it’s figuring out how many web pages it takes to fill Campaigns & Elections magazine’s list of “Most Influential Blogs” in the country, which amazingly includes Sic Willie and the FITS gals:

(FITS) mixes smart political commentary with pictures of Lindsay Lohan and a healthy dose of humor.

Awwww … stop it already. We’re blushing …

The only downside to this honor is that the good folks at C&E put us on the same page as the Unabomber and his less-trafficked, MSM-sponsored blog, which reminded us of the time in ballroom dancing when Mistress Isadore tried to make us dance with the geeky kid … who didn’t have a trust fund. Like, as if …



1. Gal Leo - October 19, 2007

Ok girls..so you can read the liner notes to A Day in the Life, but from what we read yesterday, even the folks at Romney HQ could do that. So, a substance check is called for: can you follow up with an explanation of the line? Here is the stanza:

Four thousand holes in blackburn, lancashire
And though the holes were rather small
They had to count them all
Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the albert hall.

You may have impressed Campaigns & Elections magazine (fill in the blank here with snide commentary about its circulation…or whether it really exists)….but the jury is still out on your Beatles mojo.

2. FITSNews - October 19, 2007


Please. It’s from a 1967 Daily Mail newspaper article (read by Lennon) discussing how the Blackburn Surveyor of Roads had counted 4,000 holes in the roads there, and that the volume of material needed to fill those holes could “fill the Albert Hall.”

Now, tell us who shared the stage at the Royal Albert Hall with the Beatles on September 15, 1963 – the only time these two bands ever played on the same bill?

Good luck …


3. Gal Leo - October 19, 2007

Ah, you are wise, oh balding one. Indeed, each of the stanzas in the song pertain to news stories Lennon was reading…hence “I read the news today, oh boy….”

I admit to not knowing the answer to your counter, but my educated guess would be the Rolling Stones….which gives rise to this counter-counter: name the Rolling Stone’s first #1 hit in the UK.

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