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The Log Cabin Letter October 19, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

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FITSNews – October 19, 2007 – Before we get too deep into this, it’s worth mentioning that we opposed last year’s gay marriage ban in South Carolina on the simple grounds that it’s up to God, not the government, to judge people. That’s why when we bash former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on this subject, it’s solely because we think he’s a complete and total fake, not because we’re hatin’ on gays or anything.

To wit: Romney (whose Commonwealth PAC donated $5,000 to the anti-gay marriage effort in South Carolina) is facing criticism again today for the gay marriage component of his political flip-floppery evolution, a here-today, gone-tomorrow metamorphosis of convenience and political expediency that might as well be called “Adventures in Pandering.”

This week, Romney received the endorsement of Bob Jones University, the arch-conservative South Carolina Bible-thumpin’ brigade whose leaders seem to goosestep wherever Romney strategist (and former George W. Bush advisor) Warren Tompkins tells them to go … even if that means marching off a cliff.

Nevermind that the ironically-abbreviated “BJU” (editor’s note – only if you insist) currently requires its students to take a course on “religious cults,” one that includes a rabid denunciation of Romney’s Mormon faith. Or that the candidate the Bob Jonesers just threw their pillar of salt behind has all the ideological mooring of a piece of driftwood.

Not surprisingly, the day after Romney received the BJU endorsement, a 1994 letter he wrote to the Log Cabin Club of Massachusetts while running for U.S. Senate in that state began making the rounds among South Carolina’s right-wing social conservative community.

“As a result of our discussions and other interactions with gay and lesbian voters across the state, I am more convinced than ever before that as we seek to establish full equality for America’s gay and lesbian citizens, I will provide more effective leadership than my opponent,” the letter reads.

Romney’s opponent in 1994, by the way, was liberal icon Ted Kennedy.

“For some voters,” Romney continues, “it might be enough for me to simply match my opponent’s record in this area. But I believe we can and must do better. If we are to achieve the goals we share, we must make equality for gays and lesbians a mainstream concern. My opponent cannot do this. I can and will.”

By now, Romney’s penchant for “U-turning” on practically every social conservative issue under the sun is so well-chronicled that statements like these have lost their shock value.

But consider this – had Romney beaten Ted Kennedy in 1994 (and been reelected to the U.S. Senate in 2000 and 2006 from the State of Massachusetts), can anyone honestly fathom a set of circumstances under which Bob Jones University would be endorsing him today? Or a set of circumstances under which Romney would be courting the endorsement of a University that views him as a “cultist?”

Personally, we find both Bob Jones University and Mitt Romney to be utterly insufferable. But at least the Greenville-based Bible-thumpers have been consistent in advancing their right-wing agenda … well, until now anyway.



1. Dave VanHinkel - October 19, 2007

Oh Brit Brit, how far have fallen.

All she had to do is this at the last VMAs and the comeback would be complete.


2. Please, Bill, reconsider your decision to run for President - October 19, 2007

As always, your commentary is insightful. A person’s beliefs shouldn’t change over a 15-year period. And if they do change? Then that person is a bona fide, card-carrying Flip-Flopper!

How much have you changed in the past 15 years ago, Bill?

3. Please, Bill, reconsider your decision to run for President - October 19, 2007

– ago

4. Blossom S. Bridges - October 19, 2007

Birds of a feather, flop…er…flock together.

5. Like a top... - October 20, 2007

Please stop spinning, Will. A person who changes their views over a 13-year period should not be booed and hissed as a “Flip Flopper.”

Remember, Ronald Reagan (of whom you probably have little bronze statues situated in your apartment amidst life-sized cardboard cutouts of Rachel McAdams) was once a Democrat.

Let’s get real.

6. Caesar - October 20, 2007

Et tu, two wit?

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