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They Went From Covering The Civil War To This? October 17, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

will crossfire


FITSNews – October 17, 2007 – So it’s not an illustrated narrative of Pickett’s Charge or an artist’s rendering of the Great Chicago Fire, but the pages of Harper’s Magazine (America’s second-oldest continuously published magazine) have nonetheless officially been graced by the wit and wisdom of our very own Sic Willie. Gracias to our buds over at The Palmetto Scoop for their diligence in picking the story up, too.

Among Sic’s insights:

South Carolina has a reputation as being one of the reddest states in the country, yet Republicans here have raised government spending at a rate that would make Democrats in Washington blush. Spending has risen by 41 percent over the past three years, which is the biggest expansion of state government in our history, and the Republicans are the ones driving the spending.

Left unasked, amazingly, was a question about how he manages to fend off the ladies with those flowing locks, chiseled muscles and come hither eyes. Because that can’t be easy. Sexiest human ever? You know it, people.



1. Gary Karr - October 18, 2007

While it’s accurate that no Republican has ever won the GOP nomination without winning South Carolina, the historical record is not exactly full. The state has had just four seriously competitive GOP primaries: 1980 (Reagan), 1988 (Bush I), 1996 (Dole) and 2000 (Bush II).

Yours in relatively meaningless political trivia …

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