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FITSNews Exclusive – McCain Says Romney Too “Inexperienced” To Be President October 17, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in 2008 Presidential Primaries.

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FITSNews – October 17, 2007 – Arizona Senator John McCain hadn’t been aboard the Straight Talk Express for more than five minutes this morning before he provided yet another compelling example of why the bus bears its name.

In a rolling dual-interview with FITSNews and The (Columbia) State newspaper, McCain blasted former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for saying in a recent GOP debate that he would “sit down with (his) lawyers” to determine whether or not America could take military action against Iran.

“Lawyers are the last group of Americans I’d call in that situation,” McCain said, calling the episode from last week’s debate an example of Romney’s “inexperience.”

Asked directly if he meant that Romney was too inexperienced to be President, McCain replied “Sure.”

McCain also said Romney wasn’t “respecting the voters” by changing his position on so many issues, and criticized him for invoking the legacy of Ronald Reagan despite having previously held “liberal positions on every issue, all of which have changed, of course.”

“For him to lay claim to that Republican record isn’t respecting the voters,” McCain said flatly.

Additionally, McCain echoed recent comments made by former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan chiding President George W. Bush for failing to use his veto pen more aggressively to combat wasteful appropriations bills.

“President Bush should have vetoed those bills,” McCain said. “I pleaded with him to veto those bills. Now, he’s apparently going to start vetoing some of them, but there’s a consistency issue.”

S.C. Rep. Nikki Haley, a Romney supporter, argued that the out-of-control spending in Washington was precisely the reason the former Massachusetts Governor ought to be president.

“Governor Romney doesn’t have (Washington) D.C. experience, but that’s exactly what people don’t want or need right now,” Haley said. “D.C. experience has proven to be synonymous with out-of-control spending and infighting that keep our country from moving forward. Governor Romney knows what our priorities should be as a country, knows the value of a dollar, and that’s why he will be the kind of President that this country needs.”



1. Strom - October 17, 2007
2. GKP - October 17, 2007

Hmm….so, it’s all about “respecting the voters,” is it?


Senator: I am a voter. I would like to contribute $100,000 of my hard-earned, post-tax dollars to Tom Tancredo’s campaign because I think he is a really super guy.

Would you respect that wish? Or would you see my money as dirty and corrupting?

And speaking of begging for vetoes from the President, I suppose that doesn’t apply to McCain-Feingold.

I hope that McCain was putting up his fingers as “quotation marks” when he said “respect the voters.” Sort of like he did when he talked about so-called “Constitutional rights,” the first amendment included. At least that would bring some balance here.

Straight Talk Express? Give me a break. It’s all spin, baby…spin as in what an airplane does right before it hits the ground.

3. The Page - by Mark Halperin - TIME - October 17, 2007

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4. scott - October 17, 2007

Compare the legislation that bears Sen McCain’s name with what Gov Romney accomplished in the public and private sector and the obvious choice for President becomes clear.

5. Sen. McCain boldy states the obvious: Romney disrespects voters « who is willard milton romney? - October 17, 2007

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6. dotan - October 17, 2007

Brilliant writing. Great reporting.

7. Hmmm - October 17, 2007

Will, Get over it. McCain’s presidential prospects are DOA. And how about full disclosure?

8. LOL - October 17, 2007

How bout an article about McCain traveling with his mommy on the campaign trail. How cute….

9. FITSNews - October 17, 2007

Full disclosure?

Okay, here goes: We got invited by the McCain campaign to ride along with the Senator this morning, he said something newsworthy, and we reported on it.

Call the scandal police.

10. Hmmm - October 17, 2007

Yes, full disclosure. Do you have any relationships (personal or business) with political consultants/campaign staffers working for John McCain? If you say no, then I know you’re lying.

We’ve seen satirical pieces lambasting every other Republican candidate except for St. John McCain who seems to do no wrong. Please quit feigning objectivity.

If you’re going to get quoted by a TIME blogger, then they may as well know the truth–you’re not exactly an unbiased news source. You blend sarcasm and wit with an insider’s knowledge of the South Carolina political scene, but you are sure as hell no investigative journalist.

11. freedom is not free - October 17, 2007

Senator John McCain should be nomintaed for sainthood as he surely sacrificed for the red, white and blue which is more than I can say for any other candidate other than Rep. Duncan Hunter. Granted, Ron Paul served in the USAF, but let’s get down to heart, and there is only one true blue heart in this game that is in the field and that is simply, Senator John Sidney McCain. The other non-veterans merely served their own financial interests, and their egos.

Five and half years of no liberty and being seperated from loved ones is more than merely matriculating at some university and making the wealth that was inherited not earned into a larger sum by ruthlessly corporate raiding and hurting the little guys and gals.

I definitely find humor in the political climbers that are merely barflies on the windshield of SC politics.

12. FITSNews - October 17, 2007


Check yourself … and get your facts straight.

Here’s the time we made fun of McCain for being so old …


Here’s the time we made fun of him for having nobody on his campaign because he spent all his loot …


Here’s the time we cut his ass for taking such a moronic position on political speech …


Here’s the time we made fun of his conference call music …


Here’s the time we made fun of his bus …


Here’s the time we said you could stick a fork in his campaign because it was done …


Here’s the time we wrote a scathingly objective analysis of how his support for the war in Iraq was killing his candidacy …


Here’s the time where we questioned whether hard-core rednecks in SC would ever vote for him again after his flip-flop on the Confederate flag …


And finally, here’s the time we made fun of his captivity in Vietnam by pretending that an Asian-American was going to jump out from an underground bunker to “scare” him …


And those are just the ones we could think of off the top of our heads.

So yeah, great analysis there.

And for the record (again), we don’t work for McCain, Giuliani, Thompson or anybody affiliated with any of their campaigns.

And we’ve never claimed to be unbiased, just a hell of a lot smarter than you.

Enjoy your service,


P.S. – Eagerly awaiting whatever else you got …

13. GKP - October 18, 2007


Good to see you again…just wanted to let you know that we are still waiting for that list of “true conservatives”who voted for Judge Beatty because he was…and you can’t make this sort of stuff up…the most conservative candidate.

Take your time (as obviously you have)…we know it must be a long list.

14. Hmmm - October 19, 2007

I think this is a case of mistaken identity. This “Hmmm” thinks Will was on target about Beattygate,

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