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So The Governor Didn’t Get Arrested October 16, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

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FITSNews – October 16, 2007 – Much to the chagrin of certain South Carolina legislators, the Governor of South Carolina did NOT get a warrant sworn out against him this morning. Instead, the Charleston trial lawyer who got the Palmetto State all in a tizzy yesterday by allegedly threating to “throw the cuffs on the gov” for his recent workers comp ruling, merely asked Attorney General Henry McMaster to empanel a Statewide Grand Jury to investigate His Excellency Marshall Clement Sanford, Jr.

Wow. What a let-down. Seriously, people, we were all set to do a story advising Sanford about ‘Da Art of Incarceration. Because we know from experience there’s no room for error when it comes to things like walking the perp line, taking a doe-faced mug shot, wrangling ciggies from some dude named Lester and avoiding getting your salad tossed that first night in the joint.

Anyway, amid all the chaos, we think we’ve been able to put together what happened here.

It pretty much boils down to a bunch of legislators becoming so aroused at the thought of their nemesis winding up behind bars that they momentarily lost the flow of blood to their brains.

Except that’s really not it, either.

Here’s the Alanis Morrisette of this situation (i.e. what it all boils down to) – South Carolina’s trial lawyers are royally, royally, royally pissed off right now.

They figured with so many of their own in the Legislature (and this guy aiding and abetting them) that they could keep steamrolling South Carolina’s business climate to pad their own pockets at will, ad infinitum.

Fortunately (for once), the rest of the General Assembly stood up to them and said “Na-aw.” Then the governor stood up and said “No sir.” And today, it looks like the Attorney General will stand up and say “Fuhgettaboutit” to their request for a Grand Jury.

“Henry’s not going to add a fourth ring to this circus,” longtime McMaster advisor Trey Walker told FITSNews. “These guys are trying to drag Henry into something that isn’t worth the taxpayer’s time, and he’s not taking the bait.”



1. Tom - October 17, 2007

“Sanford seems strangely driven to insult state lawmakers on a regular basis” wrote Frank Warren, Associate Editor of the Charleston Post and Courier. “He is oblivious and irrelevant to how the real world works,” reported Cindy Ross Scoppe in the October 16th State.
Will: it’s not just the trial lawyers who have noticed Sanford’s misdeeds; it’s the mainstream media. And your’e a bad boy if you did in fact steal that legislative stationery from the Statehouse which is shown on your blog as you say you did. Better get another legal advisor because it would be a crime to take something of value belonging to someone else without their permission: it’s called larceny.

2. Natasha - October 18, 2007

Tom, maybe you should add some Bailey’s to your morning coffee, you need to take the edge off dude. Larceny? How about – Funny!

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