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Conservationists Rip State Ports Authority October 16, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

charleston conservation


FITSNews – October 16, 2007 – We’re not necessarily rabid conservationists here at FITSNews, and we certainly don’t think South Carolina’s non-competitive Port of Charleston should be “contained,” but it’s difficult to argue with anybody who calls our state’s brain-dead port managers to the carpet for being a bunch of idiots.

Yesterday, members of the S.C. Coastal Conservation League and the group “Contain the Port” joined forces to rip the S.C. State Ports Authority a new one for trusting a con man to draft its most important economic impact study.

“We’re here to demand that the SPA conduct an open, objective, arms-length assessment of what the real economic impacts and alternatives to expansion of the Port of Charleston are,” SCCCL President Dana Beach said. “This has yet to be done.”

Well sure it hasn’t been done, but should we really be letting these ass-clowns conduct yet another study? Seriously, shouldn’t there be a counting, motor skills or rooting reflex test that comes first? Because as it stands now, you could give the dim bulbs at the Ports Authority a damn cystal ball into the future and ten years later they’d still be sitting on their asses, drooling and grunting at stuff. Well except for their lobbyist, Barbara Melvin, who gets a hall pass because we like her taste in Jimmy Choos. C’mon Barbara, can we get an autograph on this pump?



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