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“We Must Protect This House!” October 9, 2007

Posted by fitsnews in SC Politics.

Speaker Folks


FITSNews – October 9, 2007 – Life is ironic. For example, just as the FITSNews’ mailbox was blowing up with reaction to the suddenly controversial State House security issue, our very own founding editor was creating a little “State House security issue” of his own.

In the photograph above, a gavel-wielding Sic Willie is in the middle of hollering “We Must Protect This House!” from the Speaker’s rostrum inside the S.C. House of Representatives. Just moments after this security photo was snapped, however, House Sergeant of Arms Mitch Dorman laid Sic out with a vicious body slam, one that Clemson football coach Tommy Bowden will likely use to demonstrate proper special teams tackling as soon as the videotape is made available.

Anyway, this topic is suddenly a big deal because Gov. Mark Sanford earlier this morning said he opposed taxpayers spending $5 million to upgrade security at the State House, arguing that those resources should go instead toward combatting violent crime in South Carolina. Of course it wasn’t Sanford’s objection itself that caused such a stir, it was a little quip he made while raising it …

“I just don’t think (the State House) is a high priority target, though sometimes I’d like it to be,” Sanford joked during a Cabinet meeting this morning.

Damn, governor, don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel …

UPDATE – The latest reports have Sic Willie being held at an undisclosed location by Bureau of Protective Service agents. Sources are also telling us that it was his successful infiltration of the State House parking garage here, here and again here that resulted in the request for additional security.



1. Believe It Not - October 9, 2007

In 10,000 years the remains of sic(k) will (then consisting of a pickled liver and the remains of his walnut sized brain) will be found at the bottom of that Deep Dark Secret Well (DDSW) that has existed under the State House since the earliest days of Columbia.

Who will have the final honor of tossing sic(k)will into that DDSW?

Probably, Jakie. Jake is always the last one in the pool – for obvious reasons. And, we will be behind him – for more obvious reasons.

Mark will give that last push!!

Moving On – so to speak…

Have you wondered why the State House exists where it is?

It’s the “DDSW.”

For generations political heretics, zealots, unbelievers and Georgia, N.C. and Klemson fans have been cast down into that well for their sins. Okay, …no Clemson fans. But, all the Georgia and N.C. fans need to apply to be readmitted.

Go Gamecocks – Beat Them All…

Go Clemson – do the best you can…

Go sic(k)will, flush when you finish.

2. Give Me FITS - October 10, 2007

Dude..take your hat off inside. What would your mother say?

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